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What Is Living Apart Together And Should You Try It?

How do you see cohabitation or moving in together? This is something that’s common in relationships that are getting serious because most see it as the next step in a commitment. Despite this, cohabitation isn’t always beneficial for relationship. The more modern arrangement of living apart together might be better for you and your partner.

The Beauty Of Living Apart Together

It’s somewhat ironic to say that cohabitation can be bad for a relationship. How can living together affect a relationship in a damaging way? To most of us, it’s the next logical step before getting married. However, we can’t really deny the fact that most couples can’t handle certain pressures and too many responsibilities. This is why living apart together (LAT) is more common in today’s society.

LAT basically means that a couple is together but they live in different addresses. It’s an arrangement for serious relationships but it is an alternative if the couple isn’t ready or is unsure about being together under one roof. According to a couples therapist, Isiah McKimmie, this arrangement “prevents relationship pressures and expectations while still experiencing intimacy”.

Advantages Of LAT

Experts say that LAT may be better for certain couples because of the freedom it gives. Other advantages of this arrangement are as follows:

  • The couple only needs to think about their individual needs and maintain their independence.
  • Space allows the couple to maintain their individuality.
  • Living apart together can intensify the couple’s longing for each other. This can improve the passion in the relationship.

Cohabitation Isn’t Bad But…

Right now, it might be still too early for your relationship to consider cohabitation. Living together is not something that’s bad. On the contrary, a lot of couples therapists suggest it before tying the knot since it’s a good way to test the waters. So how do you know that you’re ready to cohabitate?

  • You don’t feel a sense of pressure to move in.
  • You and your partner always seem to survive a major disagreement.
  • Talking about a problem calmly and not ignoring it has become your habit.
  • You have passed your honeymoon phase and are still together happily.

These are just a few signs. The bottom line is that you and your partner need to be mature emotionally, mentally, and financially to move in together.

Whether you want to live apart together or simply live together is your choice. Think long and hard about your decision and use this article as a guide. For more tips on handling relationships and dating, check out our blog.