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The Icebreakers To Use To Flirt Online When You’re at a Loss For Words

You are clever, eloquent, educated, and quite sociable. What happens, then, when you are about to flirt online with a fine lady you just met, and words don’t seem to come to you? If you’re stuck on how to break the ice when online flirting, here are some of the best chat openers to use when that stunning babe has you at a loss for words.

Use These Lines To Start Chatting With The Babe You Want To Flirt Online

From a fun joke to a nice compliment, you will find these icebreakers will come in handy when you’re not sure how to strike up an online conversation with the girl you like.

“Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?”

Give the girl a light and fun dilemma like this, which is both entertaining and original. It can lead to a fun conversation about food choices, favorite cuisines, fave restaurants… See where it leads?

“I really like your face; I’m intrigued if your personality is as great”

This line is cleverer than it originally looks. One, because it starts with a compliment – and there is no lady who’s averse to that, and two, because it shows looks are not the only thing that matters to you. Showing a girl you like her and want to know more about her is a lovely way to grab her attention.

“At last”

A small 2-word line can go a long way when it comes to online flirting. First of all, being too wordy is tiring, while a laconic type will arouse a woman’s curiosity. She’ll find your message strange at first but will want to know more. When she asks, you can tell her that she is a breathtaking girl; exactly the kind you’ve been looking for.

“I noticed you like X. They are my favorite too.”

Another sure-fire way to start a flirty conversation is to focus your attention on something she writes on her profile. Make her feel like it’s not just her beauty that’s attracted you. Say, for example, she writes on her profile that she likes a certain band you happen to like too. You can ask her “I noticed you like X. They are my favorite too.” Finding common ground is always a great way to establish a connection from the start.

With such a plethora of prospective partners, nowadays you need to be entertaining, engaging and —perhaps most crucially — original if you want to ensnare the attention of fellow online daters. These ice-breakers are a good way to start when you flirt online.

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