Falling In Love Abroad

Of all of the modern-day fairy tales, finding love in an exotic or foreign locale may be one of the biggest themes that’s still alive and well. For many people, falling in love anywhere is a daily aspiration–we at AnastasiaDate know that you can find love in places you’d never expect–and the possibilities and adventure of travelling abroad make the fantasy that much more tantalizing.

Travel in-and-of itself is inherently romantic–simply leaving your environment opens you up emotionally, and sets the stage for someone to swoop in and transform your life into the stuff of movies. Though travel experiences and love stories are as varied and unique as the people experiencing them, there are certain commonalities that open the door for both to rush in together.

You’re Out Of Your Element

Even if you’re going to a city you’ve been to before, chances are you still consider yourself a “visitor,” and as such you’ll be interacting with more strangers than you normally would at home, whether out of desire or necessity. The person helping you understand your Croatian travel guide just might be the person meant for you!

You’re Already on an Adventure

An atmosphere of adventure and possibility is a built-in part of travelling, and encourages us to be more receptive to love than we would be normally. In our basic home environments, we rarely walk around with our cameras, eager to really see the world around us. Taking in your surroundings means taking in the people around you, as well. Someone who might have blended into your usual landscape may catch your eye in the context of a new place. Factor in that feeling of fewer potential consequences when you’re far from home, and any sparks that fly will burn bright.

You Have an Expiration Date

If your ideal match does come zooming down the avenida on their Vespa, or your dream girl bumps into you as you wait in line to walk the Great Wall, your romantic dream may have the potential to become reality. But the fleeting nature of visiting a place can be bittersweet–exciting and passionate experiences can be tainted by a looming understanding that it might not be permanent.

This should never be a reason to close yourself off to experiences, however. Whether you’re looking for that fleeting romance, or you’re willing to put in the effort to make a long-distance relationship work, at AnastasiaDate, we know that it’s all about human connection at the end of the day. And what better time to open yourself up to experiencing love than when you’re experiencing the world?