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Facial Cues We First Look At When Meeting New People

No matter how many times we say that we should not judge a book by its cover, we cannot really help it. Sometimes, it is already something that is wired in our subconscious. We recognize facial cues the first time we meet a person, and that’s similar to forming a first impression on what a book is about.

How We Perceive Facial Cues

Looking at people, the first thing that we see is the face. Instinctively, we search for facial cues. Experts say that we usually look for four cues in every person that we meet. Then our interactions with them also differ. The following are these four cues:

1. Having a baby face.

If we meet people who have “baby faces”, we can not help but treat the other person more kindly. It is as if we are talking to babies or young ones. This happens because we have a natural tendency to find babies cute and we have the same reactions to those having a baby face. These are people who have large eyes, short chins, round faces, as well as large foreheads.

2. Seeing a familiar face.

Needless to say, we like to be surrounded by people who are familiar to us. It makes us feel comfortable and at home. Ever wonder why babies act so friendly with one face and are uneasy to another? It’s because the familiar face reminds them of someone they know. If we meet a potential date online, for example, we may be drawn to this person because he or she reminds us of our friend or family member.

3. Seeing a fit person.

It seems that healthy and fit people look more attractive. It shows on their physique and even on their skin. We are then naturally drawn when we see a healthy, fit-looking face – great skin, defined features. We form the impression that the person is likable, intelligent, and capable.

4. Having an emotional resemblance.

The face speaks of a thousand emotions. We react to facial cues based on what we perceive as the person’s emotional situation at the moment. For example, an upturned mouth is widely perceived that someone is happy. When we meet a person who is smiling, it also uplifts our mood.

These are the usual things that we focus on when we see other people. Facial cues are very important. Be aware of them so when you meet new people, you will know how to make a good impression. The same goes when you are dating online, your photos have to portray the right facial cues. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.