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What’s Your Eye Color? Here’s How It’s Linked To Your Attractiveness

What’s interesting about eye color is that it can reveal a lot of things about you. For starters, it can be used as an indication of your health. What’s more interesting is that most people find it attractive when you have a color that’s unique and stands out. Could there be a link to attractiveness and the color of your eyes?

The Research Connecting Eye Color To Attractiveness

Lisa DeBruine of the University of Glasgow and her colleagues did a research that discovered our preference in lovers that have the same eye color as our parent who is of the opposite gender.

How The Research Was Done

The researchers recruited 300 heterosexual and homosexual participants. Each person’s color was recording together with the eye color of their lovers and parents. Then, researchers began categorizing their data. Focusing more on the heterosexuals’ results, here are the findings:

  • Women are twice as likely to have a partner who has the same eye color as their father.
  • The same result goes for the men. They were two and a half more likely to have a partner with the same color of eyes as their mothers.

The research is not conclusive but it is pretty interesting. The researchers’ hypothesis was that we, as children, imprint on our parent who is of the opposite gender. That’s why when it comes to choosing a mate or partner, we look for their

What Does This Data Mean For You

Whenever you’re online or offline dating, try approaching people who have brown, hazel, or blue eyes. These are the most common eye colors for Caucasians. As long as you also have brown, hazel or blue eyes, you’re increasing your chances of getting a “yes” for a date.

Another way that you can use this data is through your profile pictures on the dating site or app you’re on. Make sure that your color pops out so that you can easily grab the attention of those who pass by your profile.