Discover a Land Far, Far Away

Dig deeper into Belarusian culture with these 6 enchanting fairytales in-brief. Your matches from Belarus are likely to have grown up with these old-time stories of magic, myth and chivalry. So discover the traditions and learn more about Belarusian culture …



Alenka: A young girl goes on an adventure to unlock the secrets of a family mystery…




The Lion and the Wolf: This quirky battle of wits between two fierce beasts also features a savvy horse.




From a Whole Lot of Horns: A poor grandfather brings home a miraculous feast from a hunting trip.




A Wise Woman: Sent off to work by his parents, a peasant boy encounters a mysterious, magical woman.




Reasonable Daughter: A husband and wife prosper thanks to the brilliance of their riddle-solving daughter.




The Musician-Magician: The power of music comes up against supernatural forces in this tale.



Inspire your fairytale ending…