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How To Determine If You Are Compatible Without Being Intimate

There is no doubt that one of the most significant ingredients for the happiness of a couple is being compatible in bed. However, sometimes this is hard to gauge. How can a couple establish whether they are sexually compatible when being intimate is not possible?

This Is How You Can Tell If You’re Right For Each Other Before Being Intimate

In some cases, either because of practical difficulties, such as being in different parts of the world, or due to a couple’s conscious decision to abstain until a certain point in their common life, such as marriage, a couple can’t get intimate. Therefore, they have to rely on certain signs in order to guess their level of sexual compatibility. Here are the most efficient of them.

The couple can communicate well. Communication is a crucial factor for all healthy relationships, and it’s also vital when it comes to sex. A successful and compatible couple should feel free to openly discuss their desires, boundaries, and needs. Being able to talk about the most awkward sides of intimacy and to freely give your feedback to your partner, as well as receive feedback from her, are good signs of sexual compatibility too. It means that even if you do have some differences between you, you will be able to address them instead of sweeping them under the rug.

The partners are willing to make compromises. There are no two people who are the same. What’s more important than being the exact same person as your partner is your (and her) willingness to compromise and look for common ground. Of course, having the same drives helps – which takes us to the third sign.

Both partners have the same drives. Even when you are not able to act on your drives, knowing that both of you share the same ideas about what’s fun, how often you’d like to be intimate with each other and the when and where of your fantasies is important as it sets the ground for the moment you will get there.

Both parties know themselves well. Knowing your own self and being comfortable in your own skin are good indicators of being able to love someone and give yourself to them honestly. If your partner suffers from low self-esteem and too much insecurity, it’s a bad sign for your sex life too. But if she is also aware of her strengths and needs, the chances are she will also make a good, giving lover.

Even though sexual chemistry is very much a physical thing and there are no guarantees for it, it is also a brain thing and a couple can come to some conclusions regarding their compatibility even before being intimate.

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