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Dating Hints Every Woman Wishes Men Are Aware of

Did you know that while you were going on a date with a lovely lady, she was already dropping a few dating hints? Usually, these hints will tell you that a lady is interested. The problem is that men don’t register them quickly.

Identifying Dating Hints That Men Should Be Learning

So, what exactly are men not getting? And, why don’t men get it? First of all, men aren’t getting that a lady right in front of them can be sending them green signals which could mean that they want to go on another date. Or, that they are interested too. Men don’t understand these dating hints because ladies make them very subtle.

But, why wouldn’t ladies just say whatever they want outright? They can, but most men get intimidated when they actually do. Instead of just blurting it out, they communicate through hints. The following are some common examples:

“There’s a really good coffee shop/bar I’d like to take you to.”

A lady who isn’t interested in you will not say that she would like to take you to her favorite bar or coffee shop. When the lady you are with says this, it means that the next date’s inevitable. Just make sure that you keep your cool when replying.

“You’re so funny.”

It doesn’t matter how corny your jokes are. If a lady is into you, she will laugh and believe that you are the funniest guy in the entire universe. She’s laughing because she wants you to feel that comfortable because she’s comfortable.

“I’m single and ready to mingle.”

Well, this one is pretty corny so a lady might not say the exact sentence. What she is going to do, however, is emphasize that she is single and that she is looking to date.

Can You Spot These Dating Hints?

If you have ever heard your date say the sentences above or if she has ever laughed at your corny jokes, then these are all wonderful signs. It means that she’s just as into you as you are her. All you have to do after spotting these dating hints is ask her out on another date. For more dating tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.