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Dating Advice: Be With Someone Who Drives You Nuts

Common sense will tell most of us that dating a person who is exactly the same as us, whether it be in attitude, behavior, personality and life goals, is the best way to go about finding a partner in life. This is not a problem, per se, but we need to ask ourselves if dating our exact twin will really make us happy and allow us to grow as a person. What’s the best dating advice on this?

Dating Advice on Being with Someone Who is our Doppelganger

Let’s step back and see the situation from a bird’s eye view. Most likely, from this perspective, you’re going to see your relationship with your exact duplicate as easy and care-free. That could be true, but here are reasons why you should be dating someone who challenges you or, in other words, drives you completely nuts:

Compatibility is not just about liking the same things.

Talking about compatibility, to truly define the word, you should go beyond thinking about liking the same things. When you’re truly compatible with a person, you could like the same things, and you could disagree on some subjects, but still emerge as being contented in the relationship. Read our dating advice on compatibility here.

Easy doesn’t challenge you.

Think about the times that genuinely made an impact in your life, the times that will make you say that you’ve grown from the experience. Were they easy? Did you go through them without breaking a sweat? Probably not, and it is the same thing in love. You want to be with someone who challenges you to become a better version of yourself.

Your weaknesses are not rounded up.

Dating a person who is exactly the same as you means that you’ll be with someone who also has the same weaknesses. Well, just from the statement “the same weaknesses”, you wouldn’t really expect the relationship to last because both of your flaws are enhanced and not rounded up. When you’re with a person who steps in when you come short, you have got yourself a keeper.

The bottom line of all of these dating advice is for you to rethink who you really want to date or who you really want to be with. Re-evaluate your preferences and ask yourself what type of person will truly create genuine happiness in your life. For more dating advice, check out our blog here.

Photo: Flickr/Dawolf