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Don’t Make These Crucial Mistakes When Dating Slavic Women

If you think that you can never make mistakes when dating Slavic ladies online or even just dating online in general, you have to think twice because you’re allowing yourself to not pay attention, and that is a recipe for disaster. You always have to pay attention for both your financial safety and emotional safety. So, for your information, we’re providing you with a list of five crucial mistakes you can make when dating Slavic (or any other) ladies online.

These Crucial Mistakes Are Holding You Back In Dating

Mistake #1: Saying “I Love You” even if you don’t mean it.

To a Slavic woman, these three little words mean something very serious. That’s the problem though, isn’t it? Most of us need to take these three little words more serious and we shouldn’t throw them around lightly. Only say it if you mean it because you don’t want the Slavic lady you are corresponding with to string along. You wouldn’t want the same done to you, right?

Mistake #2: Assuming she likes you.

Here’s the thing. Most of the foreign men we talked to had the problem of their Slavic lady just disappearing on them and then, later on, they reemerge saying that they already have a boyfriend. You won’t be let down if you don’t assume anything. To avoid this, make sure that you talk to a Slavic lady about her private life, in a polite manner of course. Don’t just assume that she likes you and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Mistake #3: Moving in too early.

When you have all these intense feelings boiling up inside you, it’s easy to make rash decisions about things. Usually, family and friends will tell you right off the bat that you’re moving too fast or that what you’re doing could be dangerous. This is a good sign that you actually are doing something too early or something dangerous. Stop and listen to the people who care for you. Take things slow and get to know the person first before making any major life choices like moving in.

Mistake #4: Sending money and a lot of it.

Haven’t you heard? This is probably the most popular no-no in the online dating world. It’s been a no-no ever since the online dating game started and it’s a no-no until today for the same reason. Never send money to someone you just met online. This person might be scamming you and you’re risking exposing your personal details. This is just a heartbreak waiting to happen so don’t do it.

Mistake #5: Misrepresenting yourself.

We’ve said this over a hundred times in our blog posts: never misrepresent yourself. You’re risking the trust in the relationship. Think about it because you don’t want things to go sour right before the relationship blossoms. Also, honesty is very important when dating Slavic ladies (or any other lady for that matter).

Avoid These Mistakes

We make the posts but it’s essentially up to you to implement what’s in the post. You’d have to exercise self-discipline, a lot of it, so you don’t get blind-sided by lies and deception. We don’t mean just from her either. Make sure to check yourself and your intentions before diving into something and making these crucial mistakes.

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