Croatian Fairy Tales – Mysterious Beauty

 Did you know fairy tales play a big part in the culture of Croatia? Over the centuries, families have passed down poetry, lullabies, and stories that carry the folklore from one generation to the next. Even today, old fairy tales form a central role in educating children.

AnastasiaDate has shone a light on some fascinating facts about Croatia’s storytelling traditions.

  1. Ogulin – Croatia’s Fairytale Town!

Fairy Tale

Local legends based on the landscape have made Ogulin a myth-filled destination. It’s also the birthplace of children’s writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić and hosts an annual fairytale festival. Ogulin’s charming sights include the Fountain of Cesarovac and Frankopan Castle.


  1. Storyteller Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

Renowned children’s writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić created thrilling fables known today by children all over Croatia. Born in 1874, her most famous work is ‘Croatian Tales from Long Ago’ featuring such characters as Fisherman Plunk, Little Brother Primrose, and Bridesman Sun.


  1. Croatia’s Fairytale Festival


Held every year in Ogulin, the Fairy Tale Festival (OGFB) is a great place for children and adults alike. Those who visit can take part in a whole range of enchanting activities including puppetry, magic, and make-believe. Storytellers and street artists keep the crowds spellbound.


  1. The Legend of Klek

Based on the mountain of Klek located near Ogulin, this is the story of an angry giant with a love of food who was turned to stone during a mighty argument with the god Volos. Local legend has it that during a thunderstorm, witches conspire to summon Klek back to life.


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