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Tips To Openly Communicate Your Feelings To A Woman

To those of you who are planning to meet lovely ladies, how do you openly communicate your feelings to a woman you’re falling for? Many may not know how to answer this question because it’s hard for most men to let their emotions out, especially through words. But, in the online dating world, it is essential because your means of connecting with others will be through online communication.

Effectively Communicate Your Feelings By Setting The Mood

Contrary to those romantic comedy movies you’ve seen, you don’t just say how you feel spontaneously. If you truly value the lady you want to express your love to, you have to take time and wait for the right moment. You can also create the right moment instead of waiting for it by following these steps:

1. Prepare Your Environment

You have to eliminate all the possible distractions. Make sure that the room you’re in is not noisy so you can clearly hear each other. Don’t forget the lights too. Make sure that when you are doing a video call, your face is visible on the camera.

2. Highlight Your Experience

As you are talking, don’t blurt it out instantly. You have to highlight your experience first. Tell the lady that you have had such a wonderful time getting to know how over weeks or months. Let her know that she is an interesting and unique person that you would like to get to know some more.

3. Ease Into What You Want To Say

Now that your lady knows that you are interested, it’s time for you to tell her that you are falling for her. Ask if she would also be interested to date you or be with you in a serious relationship.

4. Prepare For The Response

Her response could either be a yes or a no, so it will depend on her. Whatever her answer is, be ready for it. If she’s not ready to be in a serious relationship yet, don’t push it. Just ask if you can continue to do what you are doing. If she says yes, then that’s it!

Timing Is Crucial

Timing is everything. In an offline situation, you may have gotten away with just saying that you have fallen for the woman you’re with. But, in the online world, you have to set the mood to get things right and get the best response. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.