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Common Lies Told On Dating Apps And The Reason Behind Them

It is not uncommon for people to tell white lies face to face in order to secure a date or make a good first impression. With online dating and dating through apps in particular, it’s no different. Most of the time, many people feel like dating apps make it much easier to put up a false front. You can reinvent yourself, and be the superstar you’ve always wanted to be.

Why Do People Tell These Lies When On Dating Apps?

Surprisingly, many of us might find it easy to lie about certain aspects of our lives, like our job or our true relationship status but many of us choose not to. Instead, we commonly tell fibs about the following:

Being Wittier

We like to put up a false pretense of being wittier than we actually are because, one, interesting people like witty conversations. And, two, we can easily write and edit our message until we have formulated a nice sentence. It’s not lying directly, but it’s very different from talking face to face where there is no undo button and there is no option to delete or edit.

Wanting To Meet Face To Face

Another common lie used in dating apps is “swerving”. You seem excited to meet face to face, but you always find a reason to cancel the supposed meet up. It’s either you are not confident enough because you have put up so many pretenses, or the person you are supposed to meet is not exactly your type. You just don’t want to dump him or her so you keep on making excuses.


You are really not into this person that you have been chatting with for some time now. Or, you might even have had that first date, but you didn’t feel any spark. You really just want to disappear or drive the person away, but you don’t want to be rude. It is easier to sugar coat rejection on dating apps.

Slow Response

There are many reasons as to why you are not enthusiastic to respond to the other party, but in dating apps, it is very easy to just say that you are busy.

You have to understand that we are not required to be fully honest on dating apps. It’s alright to lie about why you’re not responding quickly, or it’s alright to come off as a bit improved version of your self. The main thing is not to lie about important things like your age, appearance, work, and relationship status. For more practical tips on dating, read other posts on our blog.