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Meet Two Victoria’s Secret Angels From Eastern Europe

Everyone has anticipated this year’s Victoria’s Secret Angels walking down the runway in Paris. Yes, that’s right. This year’s fashion show was filmed in the City of Love. It aired on December 5, 2016. and from this behind the scenes backstage video, it seems like the show is bigger and better than ever.

Get To Know These Eastern European Victoria’s Secret Angels

Before you watch the videos of the actual show, let’s meet two Eastern European Angels who will be showing up on our TV or phone screens, donning nothing but wings and sexy lingerie.

Kate Grigorieva

A photo posted by Kate Grigorieva (@_kate_g_) on read more

History or Hoax? Visoko Either Contains the World’s Biggest Pyramids, or Some Unusually Shaped Hills

Dr. Sam Osmanagich is either an ambitious maverick archaeologist, or a pseudoarchaeologist, depending on who you ask. He is the man who has spent the past decade trying to convince the archaeological community that a cluster of what are believed to be naturally-occurring hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina are actually the largest human-made ancient pyramids on Earth.

He has named the largest of the structures the Pyramid of the Sun, which is more than 220m high. If his claims are true, this would make the pyramid taller and possibly bigger than the 147m-tall Great Pyramid built by Pharaoh Khufu in Giza, Egypt, currently recognized as the largest in the world. read more

Date Night Recipe: Pryaniki, or Russian Honey Spice Cookies


Go into any grocery store, convenience store, heck—even a gas station, and you’ll see shelves of cookies available for purchase. With rare exception, we know that those pre-packaged treats can’t even hold a candle to their homemade counterparts, and yet many of us don’t make the time or have the know-how to make delicious cookies at home, from scratch.