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Profile Verification: Why is it So Vital to Dating?

When you talk to someone for the first time in a bar or restaurant or even at work you meet them face-to-face. You know they are there and can usually tell if they are a certain age, sex or weight. Sure, they might be economical with the truth and not give you their real name or phone number. But they are REALLY there in front of you, talking to you. So you can be more confident that they are real. Even with the beer goggles on!

6 Ways AnastasiaDate Helps You Date Safely

When you join any dating service, it is important to be aware of how to stay safe when meeting people online. There are a huge number of dating websites across the world but not all do their very best to keep you away from scam and internet dating fraud. So why should you be concerned? What are the chances of it happening to you? Well, although it might not be widespread it’s important that you know about these issues and how dating services attempt to tackle them.