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You Need To Watch Out For Moments Of Micro-Attraction

We encounter so many dating tips on the internet that we sometimes get too focused on qualities in a partner that can make us feel safe and secure. Things like power, money, and influence may be important to some, but it’s the moments of micro-attraction that are the most important.

Why Micro-Attraction Is Important For Long-Term Relationships

In our world that looks up and admires only the biggest and the most, we sometimes forget that it’s the little things that matter in the long run. To understand micro-attraction better, read the following:

Small Moments With Giant Consequences

Micro-attraction can be found in small moments, like a casual mention of what you like and your partner gets it or does it for you. These little actions have big impacts on our lives – as well as on our hearts and minds. read more

Relationship Tests That Will Reveal A Lot About Your Connection

How connected and aware are you of your partner? There are relationship tests that you will encounter throughout your partnership that will really test the level of connection you have. When you overcome the tests, it is clear you and your partner are withstanding pressures that come your way, whether you are 20 or 60.

Pass These Relationship Tests To Strengthen Your Connection

A connection is important in every relationship. As time passes, ideally the connection we have with the person we’re with should grow and deepen. Before you reach this point, you may have to go through the following tests:

1. Working Together

There are people who do not want to work with their partners because they just clash. Their ideas seem to just to oppose each other and a fight usually ensues. It can also get worse if the woman is superior in the workplace. read more

If You Want To Be Happy, Don’t Make These Emotional Mistakes

We encounter plenty of emotional mistakes in our pursuit of love and happiness. Ideally, we need to learn from them so we can move forward. However, what’s happening is that we tend to make the same emotional mistakes over and over again. Reminders of what these mistakes and tips on how we can completely get passed them might do us good.

A Happy Life Is Within Reach When We Avoid These Emotional Mistakes

Most of the time, life gets in the way. And so, we go on never really keeping in mind the lessons we have learned from the past emotional mistakes we did. So we can stop torturing ourselves, read through this list of common emotional mistakes we make regularly: read more

Dating App Hacks That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out

When you put up your profile on a dating app, it means you want to find a date who will (hopefully) be your long-term partner. The problem is, not all of us are good at using dating apps. We make mistakes, but we can always correct them and have a better chance of finding who you’re looking for by following effective dating app hacks.

The Dating App Hacks That Will Get People To Notice

Most of us sign up on dating apps, complete our profiles, wing it, and then expect people to take notice. If we did it right, people will. But, most of the time, we don’t. That’s why we need to be guided by the following dating app hacks:

1. Take off your hat, glasses, and shades.

If you are wearing these accessories, the viewer might feel you are hiding something. Remove these coverings and show your hair and eyes; whoever is swiping through profiles would always look at the eyes. read more