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Serbian Traditions You Should Experience

It’s time you learn something new in life by deepening your knowledge of Serbian traditions. This warm and friendly country has a population of over seven million and a rich seam of cultural traditions. Get to know more about the beautiful nature and real living in this interesting region. Serbia has a number of curious traditions together with more formal occasions like Orthodox Christmas and Easter. Take time to understand more about the customs that Serbians love most.

These Serbian Traditions Will Excite You


When spring comes to Serbia it’s the signal to celebrate! That means it’s time for ‘George’s Day’ (an Orthodox patron’s saint day), which takes place every year on April 23. Djurdjevdan brings a revitalizing spirit into the lives of Serbians. Based on the story of the dragon slaying Saint George (Sveti Dorde), it’s a very sacred time involving candle lighting and eating bread (kolach). Serbians also attend parties, sing folk songs, dance, and arrange flowers. read more

Reasons Why Hungarian Ladies Are More Than Just Pretty

Hungarian ladies are known mainly for their beauty. Like most East European women, these girls seem to have won the genetic lottery in the looks department. They have lovely flawless skin that blends perfectly with their hair, dyed or natural. But these ladies are more than just a beautiful face.

The Best Traits Of Hungarian Ladies

Slim and Slender

Hungarian ladies are indeed beautiful, but in addition to that, they are slim and slender. That is because they pay particular attention to their figures and take good care of their bodies. They work out to maintain their superstar figure and watch what they eat. They have enough discipline to make sure they are always in tip top shape. read more

How Russian and Ukrainian Women View Relationships

When dating Russian and Ukrainian women online, it really helps to understand how they view love and relationships. For you to figure out ways on how to impress them, you have to know and understand how they think, what expectations they have of men, and what cultural beliefs they have that pertains to partnership, love and marriage. Let’s take a look at some of the common views Russian and Ukrainian women have.

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Date Russian and Ukrainian Women

Family, Always

This is the first core view that you have to know about these ladies. Family is very important to them. It’s likely that they will have a close relationship with their parents, aunts and uncles, and brothers and sisters. Of course, it goes without saying that they, too, want this from their future partner. This is not to say that they would want a family right away, but the major point to remember is that family is important to them whether they want to start their own or not just yet. read more

Things That Offend Russian Women

Russian women are one of the most alluring and beautiful women on earth. They are the type of women who love to doll themselves up and make sure that they are ultra-pretty, and their figures are not to be overlooked either. These women take special care to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. So it is only practical that you find out how not to offend Russian women to ensure your chances for dating them are not ruined by simple slip-ups. Here are a few things that offend these goddess-like beauties that you ought to steer clear of.

If You Do This, You’ll Offend Russian Women

Whistling indoors

Russia is an old nation with an old culture. This equates to a nation that has quite a bit of superstition that they believe in. And one of these superstitions that would get on the nerves of any Russian, for that matter, is whistling indoors. The superstition explains that when a person whistles indoors, that person will lose money, end up broke. And regardless of who loses the money, Russians simply hate anything related to losing money. So even if it was you whistling, this is sure to offend any Russian in your company at the moment. read more