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Things That Offend Russian Women

Russian women are one of the most alluring and beautiful women on earth. They are the type of women who love to doll themselves up and make sure that they are ultra-pretty, and their figures are not to be overlooked either. These women take special care to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. So it is only practical that you find out how not to offend Russian women to ensure your chances for dating them are not ruined by simple slip-ups. Here are a few things that offend these goddess-like beauties that you ought to steer clear of.

If You Do This, You’ll Offend Russian Women

Whistling indoors

Russia is an old nation with an old culture. This equates to a nation that has quite a bit of superstition that they believe in. And one of these superstitions that would get on the nerves of any Russian, for that matter, is whistling indoors. The superstition explains that when a person whistles indoors, that person will lose money, end up broke. And regardless of who loses the money, Russians simply hate anything related to losing money. So even if it was you whistling, this is sure to offend any Russian in your company at the moment. read more

Dating Tips You Can learn From European Men

Why in the world would you let a European man give you dating tips? Well, there are two reasons: 1. They get most of the girls without even trying. If you have female friends who have gone to Europe, then you’ve probably already heard of this. 2. You can get great dating tips from European men because they know how the mind of a European woman works. Through this, you can probably understand why many women fall for a European man.

What European Men Know About Dating And You Don’t

Wine or Champagne

You have to develop a taste for either one of these or, better yet, both. You also have to drink it often for the reason that the European women you’re going to meet in the near future are going to be the same. Champagne and most especially wine are almost always drank during or after meals. Keep a bottle or two in your house just in case a beautiful lady comes up for a visit. Also, don’t forget to order a bottle while dining at a nice restaurant. read more

An Easy Guide To Safely Meet Your Online Match

It’s exciting when you finally find someone interesting online. Let’s say your match has the same interests as you, and you both like the same TV shows. That’s great! But, no matter how connected you seem to be while you’re chatting, you still have to safely meet your online match in real life.

Easy Safety Points To Remember As You Meet Your Online Match

When you finally meet the person you’re interested in, it can really be an exciting time. You become so wrapped up at the moment that you don’t even think about what you can do to keep yourself safe. Essentially, you are still going to meet a stranger so it’s important to be prepared. read more

Date Topics Which Will Save You A Lot Of Time

It’s great to have meaningful conversations about different date topics with the person you are seeing but in some cases, your conversations all go to waste. It’s either the date did not work out or the person you’re dating doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. It won’t sound good, but you have to accept that you may have just wasted your time.

Date Topics That Will Let You Filter Through Potentials

Whenever you are on a date in real life or online, you are expected to talk about certain topics, to get to know each other better through conversations. Use this to filter your through the dates that are good matches for you: read more