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An Easy Guide To Safely Meet Your Online Match

It’s exciting when you finally find someone interesting online. Let’s say your match has the same interests as you, and you both like the same TV shows. That’s great! But, no matter how connected you seem to be while you’re chatting, you still have to safely meet your online match in real life.

Easy Safety Points To Remember As You Meet Your Online Match

When you finally meet the person you’re interested in, it can really be an exciting time. You become so wrapped up at the moment that you don’t even think about what you can do to keep yourself safe. Essentially, you are still going to meet a stranger so it’s important to be prepared. read more

Date Topics Which Will Save You A Lot Of Time

It’s great to have meaningful conversations about different date topics with the person you are seeing but in some cases, your conversations all go to waste. It’s either the date did not work out or the person you’re dating doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. It won’t sound good, but you have to accept that you may have just wasted your time.

Date Topics That Will Let You Filter Through Potentials

Whenever you are on a date in real life or online, you are expected to talk about certain topics, to get to know each other better through conversations. Use this to filter your through the dates that are good matches for you: read more

These Factors Are Keeping You From Loving Yourself Fully

Self-love is an issue for a lot of people. Many find it hard to practice although they are aware that they need to. This puts a lot of pressure on individuals to perform and be the best at everything. However, outwardly showing that you are loving yourself isn’t as beneficial as real self-love.

Loving Yourself Means That You Have To Give Up These Thoughts And Beliefs

We all have to keep in mind that self-love is going to be a challenge, especially when we have years of hurt weighing us down. Despite this, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Start your journey to loving yourself by eliminating the following thoughts or beliefs:

1. Defining Changes In Your Body

We can become old, wrinkled, fat, bald, or experience gravity pulling down on the wrong body parts. So what? That’s nature and that’s just your body. You are still you. Stop being egotistical about your appearance. Nobody can stay as youthful as a 20-year-old, and that’s a fact.

2. Events Are Not Your Life

In our social media world, it seems that we have been living for events. “In a relationship with…”, “Starting a new career in…”, “Trying out online dating” and so on. All of these events are positives, but these lead us to the fear of missing out. You only feel important when there is an event. If nothing exciting is happening,  you feel like your life is crumbling before your very eyes. read more

You Don’t Need Impostor Syndrome In Your Relationship (Or The Rest Of Your Life)

If you haven’t heard of the impostor syndrome, you better get around to know more about it. The term itself was coined in the 1970s because researchers found that a lot of people were concerned about not being good enough.

Work Through Your Impostor Syndrome In Life And Love

Essentially, the impostor syndrome is rooted in the belief that a person is pretending to be someone he or she is not (even though the opposite can be true). Today, in the age of technology, experts say that the impostor syndrome is felt even more.

We all have easy access to social media. Every one of us can see and keep track of people’s lives. You might question where you are right now because you saw a younger person running a big company all on his or her own.

This is what this syndrome does to us – it makes us stop and think whether we are just pretending to be our best selves. Deep down inside, we may feel like we’re simply inadequate. This feeling extends to all aspects of one’s life, not just the love department.

Impostor Syndrome Symptoms

To see if you have this syndrome, read the scenarios below and check if they seem familiar to you:

  • You’re worried that your boss or significant other might find out that you’re not a good employee or person.
  • You only feel like you did well on something when you get confirmation from those around you.
  • You don’t feel comfortable when someone passes you a compliment.

Why Is This A Problem?

If we feel that we are not good enough, there’s a chance that this perspective might mess up our love lives. It will likely mess up our personal relationships and our careers as well. You have to recognize that there’s a difference between wanting to improve yourself and believing that you are not good enough. To get past this nasty syndrome, consider the following tips:

  • Say thank you when your partner or anyone gives you a compliment.
  • Take on hobbies that will make you feel accomplished. Yoga, for example, helps you get more in-tune with your inside self. Hiking is a good way to have that sense of achievement too.
  • Don’t fake it! Having the mentioned syndrome could make you do things to appear better. No, stop it. Just be yourself and accept that it is good enough.
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