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Science Proven Ways For You To Become More Attractive

In the dating scene as well as in your career, you can get ahead if you know how to become more attractive. It is not just about the looks, it’s about how you present yourself and make the most of what you have, like your face, stature and the manner you go about yourself.

To Become More Attractive Is Easier Than You Think

Here are some simple ways to become more attractive to other people or your date, even without the added value of style and a good looking face:

1. Be an interesting person.

Simply be an interesting person. People love novelty. You may not be very witty but if you read a lot of motivational books as well as general information, you will have a lot of topics to talk about. You can also have an answer to a wide variety of questions thrown at you. Have an opinion about some general topics but be friendly when airing them out.

2. Leave a great first impression.

As a rule, you only have a window of 2-30 seconds to make a good first impression. Needless to say, you present your best self. Think about grooming, posture, style, and of course, your words. But, you don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. People still love authenticity. Pretending will not be sustainable in the long term.

3. Be genuinely available.

When you are in a gathering, you don’t have to appear needy or aloof. Just be your casual self when interacting with people. When somebody approaches you to talk, don’t balk. Answer questions politely and listen intently.

4. Be interested in the moment.

A lot of people think about what will happen next after an encounter. Yet they fail to be present and mentally alert at the moment. So they stutter and find themselves at a loss. If you are talking to somebody, make eye contact and be present in the situation. If you think that you are not getting anywhere, you can politely excuse yourself and find another person to talk to.

There is a sea of people out there. If you want to circulate some more in your search, work to become more attractive as a person and not just as a lover. Read other posts on our blog.