All posts by Anastasia Date The Main Difference Between Mature And Immature Love

Most couples fight. Disagreements are something that is inevitable when you are in a relationship. When circumstances like this arise, it’s important to handle things in a mature and healthy way. This is the problem, however. Most of us don’t even know if we are handling things in a way that makes the relationship grow. What, exactly, does a mature relationship look like? will show you the difference. Mature Love VS Immature Love

Let’s admit the fact that we don’t often take the high road when we are fighting with our significant other. This could be one sign that our relationship isn’t mature enough, but, on the other hand, it could just be a normal part of a healthy union. To help you identify the difference, here’s a short list of signs: read more

Currently You Have The Best Chance To Get Married If You Meet Online

Did you and your spouse or fiancé meet online? Well, you are part of the percentage of couples who got married after meeting through social media and online dating. A new survey has revealed that newlyweds have met through these modern means. This study involved 14,000 couples who were interviewed to find out about their relationships and how they popped the big question.

Meet Online For Romantic Connections

After the participants’ interviews, it was observed that 19% of brides said that they met their spouse through social media or online dating this 2017. Last year, the percentage was only around 14%. The rest of the results showed that 17% of the couples met through friends, 15% met at college, and 12% at work. read more

Living Apart Together Is A New Thing In Dating, But Should You Do It?

How do you see cohabitation or moving in together? This is something that’s common in relationships that are getting serious because most see it as the next step to commitment. Despite this, cohabitation isn’t always beneficial to the relationship. The more modern arrangement of living apart together might be better for you and your partner.

The Beauty Of Living Apart Together

It’s somewhat ironic to say that cohabitation can be bad for a relationship. How can living together affect a relationship in a damaging way? To most of us, it’s the next logical step before getting married. However, we can’t really deny the fact that most couples can’t handle certain pressures and too many responsibilities. This is why living apart together (LAT) is more common in today’s society. read more

What’s Your Eye Color? Here’s How It’s Linked To Your Attractiveness

What’s interesting about eye color is that it can reveal a lot of things about you. For starters, it can be used as an indication of your health. What’s more interesting is that most people find it attractive when you have an eye color that’s unique and stands out. Could there be a link to attractiveness and the color of your eyes?

The Research Connecting Eye Color To Attractiveness

Lisa DeBruine of the University of Glasgow and her colleagues did a research that discovered our preference in lovers that have the same eye color as our parent who is of the opposite gender.

How The Research Was Done

The researchers recruited 300 heterosexual and homosexual participants. Each person’s eye color was recording together with the eye color of their lovers and parents. Then, researchers began categorizing their data. Focusing more on the heterosexuals’ results, here are the findings: read more