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Ideas For Holiday Dates You Should Write Down

It’s the season to be jolly. Christmas is just around the corner, and, by now, you may have already planned what you’re going to do on that day. If you’re visiting family or friends, that’s great. But, if you’re spending quality time with your significant other during this important day, you need to plan some holiday dates.

Holiday Dates To Make Christmas More Special

The pressure is on during the holidays because so many things come up that require our attention. There are Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and Christmas shopping. In between all of those activities, you need to spend a bit of quality time with your significant other so your relationship doesn’t feel neglected. Here are a couple of holiday ideas that you can try: read more

Pros And Cons Of Giving Your Relationship A Second Chance

If you were asked to give one of your past relationships a second chance, would you say yes? Second chances are, most of the time, something that many of us welcome with open arms. However, when it comes to giving love another try, we have a hard time deciding. This is especially true when we’ve been hurt so much in the past during the relationship.

Is It A Good Idea To Give Your Past Love A Second Chance?

Commonly, when faced with this kind of situation, our brains and our hearts have totally different opinions. To help you decide whether giving your past love another try is a good idea, here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • You are both already familiar with each other. The adjustment period that you’re going to go through won’t be as tasking compared to the adjustment period in a new relationship.
  • Both of you have likely seen each other’s worst side. You and your partner don’t have to place your best foot forward. You just have to invest your energy in making the relationship work.
  • That special connection you had could still be present. We all have past loves that we still care about. If you feel the same way about your former partner, then that care could easily grow into something deeper and more meaningful.


  • Old habits die hard. It’s true that you may already be familiar with each other’s habits but there will always be that possibility that your former partner’s bad habits are still present.
  • You are less secure with each other. Most likely, you will be reminded of the reason why you broke up in the first place. If it did not work the first time, you might ask yourself why would it work the second time around.

Could love be sweeter the second time around? Only you can decide if a second chance is forth giving or not. It’s good to talk about your break up and your past relationship problems so both of you can move forward and decide to give it another try. Communication and openness are essential. For more relationship tips, see more posts on our blog. read more

Painfully Afraid You Are Not Likable? Here’s The Cure For That

It’s a common fact that we cannot please everybody. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much effort we put into placing our best foot forward, some people will still see us as not likable. To some, this isn’t a problem, but there’s a good number of people reading this now that need to find a way to get over not being liked.

How To Get Over Being Not Likable

So, why do people feel the need to be liked anyway? It has to do with acceptance. For us to feel like we have a place in society or in a certain group of people, we need to be liked. We need to belong.

Ironically, not being liked actually won’t affect our lives one way or the other because what people think of us are external factors that we cannot control. We can only control ourselves. With that said, the key to overcoming not being liked is a change in perspective. read more

Anastasia Date: How To Totally Eliminate Dating Jitters

It’s normal for all of us to experience dating jitters. Of course! How can you not when you really like the person you’re dating? Most of the time, we tell ourselves to be the best, project a suave personality, and carry a conversation with confidence. However, the more we think about these things, the more intense our dating jitters become. How do you get past this? Anastasia Date has some suggestions.

Anastasia Date: Ways To Get Rid Of Dating Jitters

There are a few ways on how you can get rid of your dating jitters. Take note of the following before you go on your big date:

1. Go Easy On The Beer Or Wine

You may be thinking that chugging a few glasses of beer or wine before your date helps to give you false courage. Well, it does take the edge off but you have to drink just the right amount. Remember that drinking too much can mess with your decision-making ability. read more