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How To Know If You Are Attracting The Right Type

Think about your dating history. As you do, try to really analyze whether you have been attracting the right type of person or not. You’re going to know because you’ll see how toxic (or not) your previous relationships were. You have to do something to break this pattern and meet people who can be good for you.

What It Takes For You To Attract The Right Type Of Date

First of all, what do you want in a relationship? Do you want casual hook-ups, or do you want something more serious? In most cases, you are dating online or offline for the latter reason. If this is the case, see if you are doing the following measures:

Adjust Your Dating Profile

Review your dating profile, first, if you are dating online. Do you think that your profile represents you for who you are? The tendency is for us to paint ourselves in the best light. We present the most ideal side of ourselves which may not be accurate in real life. You’re starting off in the wrong foot, so you have to be more honest in your dating profile. read more

Characteristics Of Passionate Love You Must Learn

Do you think that you are in the kind of relationship right now that has passionate love? Most of us aren’t really sure even when we are so in love with the person we’re dating. When we think of passionate love, we automatically think of physical intimacy but it is not just about that. Maybe, the main reason why we’re not sure if our love is passionate is that we don’t know how to define passion.

The Truth About Passionate Love In A Relationship

Passionate love has a lot of characteristics. If we want to identify how much passion we have in our own romantic relationship, we should know what these characteristics are:

Intrusive Thoughts

If you have passion in your relationship, your partner will always intrude your thoughts. While you are at work or doing something routine and boring, you will suddenly think of your partner. There was no trigger, like you seeing an object and that object reminding you of him or her. read more

Love Lessons You Should Have Learned By Now

How old were you when you first started dating? By now, at the age you’re in, you have probably learned a lot of love lessons. There are those of us, however, that has gone through a lot but have not learned any lessons at all.

Understanding These Love Lessons Requires Maturity

Do you think that you have already learned enough love lessons to make it to the end? If not, don’t worry. It takes maturity to take to heart what one can learn from being in love or being in a relationship. But, how will you know? See if you have already taken in some or all of these lessons on love:

1. Love Yourself First

Many of us do not understand this lessons yet. We always put the needs of others above our own. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when we are taking care of ourselves at the same time. But, if we are on the disadvantaged end of the equation, then we have to think twice. Love yourself first and everything else will follow. read more

How To Overcome Your Biggest Dating Fears

Most of the time, your biggest dating fears are the main reasons you cannot find true love, whether you are dating online or offline. You’re allowing your worries to get the best of you, and, in turn, they get to dictate what you should do next. Instead of dating boldly and adventurously, you meet people with caution.

Break Free Of Your Biggest Dating Fears

You need to break free from your biggest dating fears and leap forward. Of course, it easier to say it than do it so we bring you the tips that will help you overcome the worries inside your head, blocking you from becoming a person who’s charismatic and attractive:

Fear Of Awkwardness

It’s so difficult and cringe-y to be in any awkward situation. If there’s just a dead air around, it’s hard to think about what to say. Nobody wants to put themselves in this situation so the next best thing is to avoid it. The best solution would be to work on your communication skills. Sharpen them so you know how to carry a conversation. read more