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What To Think About Before Becoming Exclusive

Dating, whether online or offline, has phases. After meeting several women online, you narrow it down to just one. With offline dating, you could go on several first dates and then ask the woman you’re interested in for a second one. Next comes a phase where you get to know each other. It’s like sizing each other up and getting a feel for what the other person is like now that first meeting or first date jitters are out of the way. When all goes well, and hopefully it will, the phase where you both decide on becoming exclusive is next.

Becoming Exclusive Doesn’t  Have To Be That Hard

But, you shouldn’t decide to be exclusive without giving it a deeper thought. Becoming exclusive means that there should be a commitment to the relationship. If both parties are not ready, it could be disastrous. Anastasia Dates gives you a few things to consider before dating exclusively:

Mental and Emotional Preparedness

It’s really easy to get swept off your feet when you’re in the height of love, but you have to use your rational thinking in determining whether both of you are ready to be serious and exclusive – emotionally and mentally.

Is anyone carrying excess baggage? Is someone’s breakup fresh? You need to know the answers to these so you can determine if both of you are prepared.

Being On The Same Page

Before going exclusive, you have to think about whether this is something that both of you want. Or, maybe it is something that only you want. You have to be on the same page. What can turn into a blossoming relationship, quickly goes the other way if exclusivity is proposed, but not both people are on the same page.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is on the list because you have to be physically attracted to each other for the relationship to sustain. Being physically attracted and compatible will be the fuel to your connection in the long run.

A lot of couples don’t consider this, which is a mistake. If you don’t enjoy kissing the person or being physically intimate with a person, then the relationship won’t survive.

If you’re all green with these three signs, it means that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. We hope that these dating tips have helped you. You can check out our blog for more posts about dating and the dating culture.