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If You’re Acting This Way, Then You’re Not Dating Her Properly

In our dating life, we often make so many mistakes that we don’t even notice. We are unaware that we are not dating her properly until it is too late. It’s too bad too, especially if we’re dating a woman who we are truly interested to get to know. We have to be more attentive and careful.

Dating Her Properly Does Not Involve The Following Activities

We usually allow life to take over, and that’s alright from time to time. However, if we always run on auto-pilot especially in our dating life, we are not going to achieve anything. You can start by avoiding the following activities:

1. Hanging Out

It’s good to just hang out with the person you’re dating. It’s an opportunity for you to connect as friends. This will benefit you in the long run as your connection with each other will be stronger. However, it so important to remember that hanging out isn’t the same as a date. Dates are a means for you to have a romantic connection so it’s important to have them.

2. Allowing Days To Pass Before You Reply

Yes, we can sometimes have a valid excuse for not replying. If this happens once or twice, then it can be excused. However, if it happens pretty often it is not going to be acceptable. She should feel like she’s a priority so reply right away as often as you can whether it is a chat or text.

3. You Don’t Appreciate Her

Another way for you to not date her properly is if you don’t appreciate her at all. You take her for granted. You push her to the side because you become busy. If she’s always the one who chats or calls first, well this has to change right away.

You really have to pay attention because how you’re treating her right now will be an indication of how you’re going to treat her when you’re in an official relationship. It’s important to be more aware. Starting today, avoid doing the activities on the list. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.