A Romantic’s Guide to Moldovan Culture

If you’re looking to get closer to a Moldovan member then it’s important to understand more about the culture. Even though it’s a compact country, Moldova has lots of traditions, interesting folklore and places to explore.

Moldovans are among the most interesting and loving people in the world! So get closer to the beating heart of you match by learning more about the charming country:

Vibrant pop & folk music – Feel the vigor of Moldova’s powerful pop songs. Or get traditional with lively Gaguaz folk music, which boasts songs such as the classic ballad Miorita.

Winemaking – enjoy a tasting session with a delicious Cuvee Noir or Feteasca Regala from the country’s renowned winemakers. Moldovan wine comes from 4 regions: northern Balti, Codru in middle Moldova, and the southerly Stefan Voda and Valul lui Traian.

Fine needlework – Handicrafts from Moldova are famous across the world and you can find a range of vibrant embroidery on a visit. Learn about the country’s attractive tablecloths, curtains, and clothing.

Ornate pottery – The production of ceramic pots used for cooking and food storage is a very strong tradition in Moldova. Three of the most common are the Oala (baking style), Ulcior (jug), and Burlui (pot with holes).

Country living – While the bigger cities like Moldova’s capital Chisinau are very popular places to live, lots of Moldovans prefer the countryside. It can be very interesting to learn about village tradition. So ask your match about life in her part of Moldova.

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