Marry This Person If You Want To Have A Successful Career

A successful career can be a result of an individual’s winning personality and hard work. But, a new research suggests that it may not just be your personality that’s one of the key factors in your career success. Your promotion might have been made possible by your personality as well as your spouse’s.

Is My Spouse Responsible For My Successful Career?

Researchers from Washington University studied 4,544 married people to see if there’s a connection between their spouse’s personality and their job success. Participants had to answer a questionnaire with 36 items. The researchers divided the personality traits into five: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, which are the “Big Five” personality traits.

Individuals’ incomes, promotions, relationship satisfaction, relationship duration, sexual activity, a division of household labour, and other factors that influence one person’s relationship with their spouse were determined from the participants.

The Personality That Stood Out

From the data collected, the personality trait that stood out was conscientiousness. If a person is conscientious, he or she is thoughtful, is goal-directed, organised, mindful, and exhibit good control over impulses.

So according to the data collected, individuals who have a conscientious partner had higher levels of job satisfaction, higher income and a better chance of getting promoted. There are, of course, other factors that affect a person’s successful career, but ultimately, they will be more likely to get that promotion they been working hard for if their spouse possesses the mentioned personality trait.

How Is This Possible?

You’re probably thinking of how your spouse’s personality can do wonders for your career. Here are a few simple reasons.

A conscientious spouse will:

  • Understand when you’re working late
  • Help at home – do the chores, laundry and take care of the kids
  • Encourage you to be the best you can be

What Can We All Learn From This?

So your successful career is not successful because your spouse is helping you out with whatever task that you bring home from work. It’s about them creating the environment where you can be effective and efficient. If you marry someone who is conscientious, you’ll have less stress at home, be more focused when working on tasks, and feel appreciated for the hard work you’re doing for your family’s future.

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This Is What All Successful Relationships Have In Common

Many of us who are actively dating always wonder what makes successful relationships, and if there’s a formula we can follow so we can be happy with our future spouse. Well, we can’t always control the circumstances that lead us to find the love of our life, but when it comes to making sure that our relationship is successful, we only need specific factors to be present.

Common Factors In Successful Relationships

If you ask friends or family this question: “What makes relationships successful?”, those who have been together for 10 happy years, or more, will likely tell you that you would need the following factors:

Accept That Both Of You Are Individuals

The first factor is the acceptance that both of you in the relationship are still individuals. You can do things as a couple, but also, you shouldn’t forget that you have to do things individually. For example, if your partner is into dancing, you should let her attend her salsa lessons every weekend.

There are couples that are set on spending every waking moment together. While there’s nothing wrong with that, doing too much of it could make one person in the relationship feel suffocated.

Communication And Respect

Most couples would say that communication is very important when in a relationship, and they’re right. But, what they don’t mention that often is respect. Respect and communication must be present in the relationship. Respect is mandatory – don’t talk bad about your partner behind his or her back especially with friends or family, don’t cuss your partner, always respect your partner’s presence in your life.

As for communication, you have to talk about the small things and big things, and this includes issues that are painful to talk about.

Realistic Expectations Of The Relationship

The last factor on this list is realistic expectations. You have to come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to adore each other 24/7, and that everything’s not always going to be perfect. Both people need to have a realistic view of what it’s like to be in a serious relationship.

If you make sure that these three factors are present when you’re already in a relationship, it’ll better your chances of being together longer and happier. Of course, there are other factors that make successful relationships, but let’s start with these three because they are the most basic.

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What To Do If You Are Terrified Of Love

What You Should Do When You Are Terrified Of Love

A lot of us are terrified of love. It’s not because we don’t want to get married or find true love, but mostly the reason comes from our fear of the unknown. Love is something we cannot control, so most of us feel that our future with a new person may be uncertain – this is what we find frightening, especially when the new person we’re with is very special. What do you do when you feel this way?

How To Handle Being Terrified Of Love

Most of us have probably been in a situation where we’re not sure whether to pursue a potential or new relationship. But, don’t worry; there are different ways on how you can handle being terrified of love:

Change Your Perspective

Changing your perspective can be easier said than done, but remember that letting love into your life is also a pretty big decision. If you really want to manage your fear, you have to make an effort to change your perspective about love.

First, you have to discover what causes your fear. We already determined that uncertainty can be one cause. So, if you do feel uncertain about the future of your new or potential relationship, you need to think that nothing in our life is permanent. Even life is not permanent. That sounds a bit gloomy, but it teaches us that we need to cherish all the beautiful moments we experience. And, being in love will give you a lot of beautiful moments you can treasure.

Do Your Best To Keep The Relationship

You can always do your best to keep the relationship or make it last for as long as you want. Even if you know that there’s a chance it might end, you can lessen those chances by taking care of the person you’re with.

Treat Love As An Opportunity

Even if we’ve already had numerous past relationships, you have to admit that each time we fall in love is like a totally new adventure. Love is knocking at your door again, and it doesn’t matter if you feel like the relationship started too fast, or if the relationship was slow to develop, you have to grab the chance to feel something beautiful, become a better version of yourself, share your life with someone you care for, and just have plenty of wonderful adventures together.

Also, don’t forget that if something bad happened to you in the past, that doesn’t mean it will happen again. Take every new relationship as a new one, as much as possible.

Like what was said, nothing in this life is certain so we shouldn’t limit ourselves because we are terrified of love, just think of all the beauty it can bring.

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