Why You Need To Put Lithuania On Your Travel List

Travelers who are visiting Eastern Europe usually skip Lithuania because it is the southernmost country out of the three Baltic States. But, this charming East European destination deserves to be on your travel list for a number of reasons.

put Lithuania on your travel list

3 Reasons Why Lithuania Should Be On Your Travel List

A trip to Lithuania will probably be one of the most unforgettable you will have. This country has its own charm that comes from the seamless merger of its natural wonders and its urban amenities. It’s also one place in Eastern Europe with remaining traces of the soviet era. To be more specific, here are three reasons why you need to include Lithuania on your travel list:

1. The Hill Of Crosses

In Šiauliai, north-central Lithuania, you will find a man-made monument of crosses. It will definitely catch your attention because it looks a hill made up of an infinite number of crosses. You’ll find crosses of different sizes and designs. Some even have a picture on them and personal messages. These crosses have been left by those undertaking a pilgrimage and visitors.

Hill Of Crosses Lithuania

2. Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital and largest city in Lithuania. It’s full of courtyards, cobbled streets, and baroque architecture. In fact, it is Europe’s largest baroque capital and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You shouldn’t miss visiting St. Anne’s Church and taking a picture at the Gates of Dawn.

3. Trakai Historical National Park

If you’re coming from the capital, Trakai Historical National Park is about 30km away. It’s one of the most popular day-trips you can take. There you will get to see the castle in the middle of the lake. Visitors can cross a footbridge that leads to the restored island castle which is now the Trakai History Museum.

Trakai History Museum Lithuania

Of course, there are more reasons why Lithuania should be on your travel list. The best part about visiting this hidden gem is it won’t break your bank. Those who have traveled to Lithuania say that it is much cheaper than the rest of the Baltic countries.

There is so much to explore when you are in Lithuania. The country is picturesque and, not to mention, the food is flavorful and delicious. Check what your schedule’s like because you might want to book a flight early after reading this post. You can read more about Eastern Europe’s charming destinations on our blog. You will also find posts about the Eastern European culture as well as dating tips here.



AnastasiaDate Scam Update: Be Aware Of These Online Scams From 2016

Even though we live in an age where technological advancements are being made each month, we can’t seem to eradicate the issue of online scamming. There are still plenty of online scammers out there who continue to think of new ways to cheat people, and the unfortunate stories of people who got scammed continue to fill the internet. However, this AnastasiaDate scam update brings good news. Plenty of companies, especially online dating companies, also continue to upgrade their security to make the internet a safer place.

AnastasiaDate Scam Update: The Most Common Online Scams of 2016

We should still keep our guards up, despite the good news because you can never be too safe. In order for us to protect ourselves, we should, first, know the common online scams that were spotted in 2016:

1. Suspicious Links

Have you ever received an email containing a suspicious looking link? The content of this email urges the reader to click on the link. Scammers usually say to “click on this link to verify your account” even if you don’t remember signing up to any specific website. Links can also be hidden in logos or images on an email so you have to be careful.

AnastasiaDate Scam Tip: We should always double check the links that we get via our emails. If you’re not sure about whether a link is legit or not, it’s best not to click on it. Also, we shouldn’t be too quick to believe what we see. For example, an email could say that Google sent $1000 to your account. To receive it, you have to click on a link. It has Google’s logo, Google’s email, and all the same color schemes Google has, for example. We shouldn’t be quick to click on the link because scammers are pretty good with mimicking official logos and emails that big companies send.

2. Payment Systems That Are Not Secure

You’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of sites on the internet with an unsecured payment system. Imagine if you put your name, address and credit card number into an insecure system. It could be possible for your information to be stolen. As an example, see this AnastasiaDate video to understand the different safety measures you can rely on for your payment:

3. Overly Friendly Person

Sometimes, scammers use social media and online dating sites to reach their targets. If you meet someone online who is too friendly for comfort, you have to be skeptical. This person could be trying to get your information, befriend you so he or she can gain your trust, or make you believe that it is safe to send them money. Whatever the case, you have to be cautious when meeting people who are overly friendly online.

The last AnastasiaDate scam tip we have is more on online dating. This year, as you continue to find potential relationships or friendships online, make sure to stick to online dating websites that you can trust. You can check AnastasiaDate.com for a secure place to meet beautiful women from Eastern Europe. And, don’t forget to see our other posts on our blog for cultural insights and dating tips.

Make Her Fall For You With These New Year Date Ideas

It’s going to be New Year soon, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop all the romance and shift your focus to fireworks and countdown parties. You always have the option of spending New Year with the person you’re in love with, so we have a bunch of New Year date ideas for you.

Most Romantic New Year Date Ideas

After all the rush that Christmas brought, you’re going to have to face invitations for countdown parties. But, here’s a nice idea: why not spend the New Year with the person you’re with now? Don’t worry about the planning because we’ve compiled some New Year date ideas for you to try on New Year’s Eve.

Sleigh Ride Under The Moonlight

Do you have sleigh rides in your city during the holidays? It’s one way to create a romantic mood as you count down the last few minutes of the year. If you want you can bring a bottle of wine to enjoy while you stroll around the city.

DIY Romantic Dinner

A DIY romantic dinner has to be included in this list of romantic New Year date ideas. Cook for your partner, prepare wine and cheese and don’t forget to light up the fireplace and some candles to set the mood.

Rooftop Countdown

You can’t really create a romantic mood when there are a lot of people around. So, if you and your partner want to enjoy the fireworks display in your city, you simply have to find a rooftop. Check your apartment, or better yet, ask a friend who knows a rooftop spot you can hang out at for the night. If you live in the city, there should be plenty. The view’s going to be amazing if the rooftop is high enough. When the time is right, plant a kiss on your significant other’s cheek.

The three romantic New Year ideas we have on this list are simple ideas. There’s so much more you can do, so be creative and put some effort into it to make your partner happy during the first day of the New Year. For more relationship tips and dating advice, don’t hesitate to visit our blog. We have more posts there. Have a wonderful New Year!