AnastasiaDate Review: Better Way To Do New Year’s Resolutions

AnastasiaDate Review Better Way To Do New Year Resolutions

Many of us are living breathing testaments to New Year’s resolutions not working. Well, not all of us, of course, because some do follow through with what they vowed to do at the beginning of the year. But, for us who have fallen short of completing our New Year’s resolution list, there’s still hope.

Most of us have probably already given up on making a resolutions list, but there may be a better way. Here’s an AnastasiaDate review of more effective ways to execute New Year’s resolutions.

AnastasiaDate Review: More Effective Means Of Carrying Out New Year Resolutions

First off, we need to know that we don’t have to wait for New Year to start on these resolutions. Second, these suggestions are more creative ways of “sneaking in” the resolutions into our daily routines. We obviously cannot cover all of the resolutions any human could have, but this AnastasiaDate review stuck to the ones that are most common:

1. Lose Weight

Losing weight is most commonly on New Year’s resolution lists. You cannot lose weight without working hard in the gym and sticking to a healthy diet, but you can work in tiny steps towards your goal. Here’s one that you can do with ease. Buy a big water bottle. Fill it up with water and bring it with you every time you leave your house. Take sips every hour to curb your appetite.

2. Read More

This one is a bit more difficult than buying a big water bottle. You have to make a habit out of allotting one hour before your bedtime to read a book. You don’t have to finish the book. You can read one chapter at a time if you prefer but start somewhere.

3. More Free Time

You know what’s eating up your time? It’s likely social media or Facebook. You’ll have plenty of free time on your hands if you put your phone down or shut your computer off for one or two hours a day. During that time, you can do whatever – garden, ride a bike or start some other passion project.

You probably have a longer New Year’s resolution list than this one. It’s up to you to think of creative ways to “sneak” whatever you have on your list into your daily routine. Don’t forget to try something new like scuba diving or online dating. If it’s online dating you want to try, you can start on You’ll find more AnastasiaDate reviews on our blog.




European Christmas Dinner Traditions You Need To Know

Christmas Dinner Traditions
Beautiful dinner table set for Christmas

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have Christmas dinner in Europe? As you may already know, there’s going to be a difference between Christmas dinner where you’re from and Christmas dinner in Europe. But, the difference in culture makes it interesting. Also, different parts of Europe can have different Christmas dinner traditions which you may want to know about.

What Christmas Dinner Traditions Do Europeans Have?

Before we get into the different Christmas dinner traditions in Europe, you should know that knowing a few of the ones we have on the list might just impress the European girls you’re going to chat with online so you may want to take note of a few:

  1. France

The French love food, so it’s only natural that it is the highlight of Christmas Eve. They call it “Le Reveillon de Noël” or the Christmas Eve feast. Like most French meals, the Christmas Eve dinner is multi-coursed and can last for hours. The dishes served during the Christmas Eve feast will differ from region to region, because the dishes will be based on local ingredients and flavors.

  1. Poland

The Polish practice preparing Christmas Eve dinners too. But, before you can dig in, the entire family or group has to wait until the first star in the night sky is seen. After that you can enjoy the spread which typically includes carp or some other fish. There will also be a kind of wafer called “Oplatek”. It will be shared by the family or anyone at the table as it symbolizes forgiveness.

  1. Norway

Norwegians usually prepare traditional food like roasted pork ribs and dried mutton ribs during Christmas Eve. People from Norway have a few special Christmas dinner traditions that are similar to that of the UK. Children leave out porridge for Jul Nisse, a creature who guards farm animals and plays tricks on children if they don’t leave porridge out. Children in the UK on the other hand, leave out mince pie.

Some also practice the tradition of hiding their brooms to stop witches and evil spirits from stealing them and riding the night sky on Christmas Eve.

  1. Slovakia

Slovakians also believe in preparing traditional dishes as well as practicing Christmas dinner traditions on Christmas Eve. What’s interesting is that if a family prepares carp, the fish has to swim in the family’s tub for one or two days. Here’s another interesting tradition: a father has to throw a sticky pudding called loska unto the ceiling; if it sticks, it’s a sign that the next year is going to be good. Family can then start eating.

Did you find these European Christmas dinner traditions interesting? We hope you did. Remember that they can be conversations starters with European women you meet online. For more dating tips, do visit our blog for other posts. And don’t forget to visit AnastasiaDate as there are a lot of Eastern European women for you to meet there.


Anastasia Dates Advice On Coping With Expat Loneliness

Expat is short for expatriate – a word used to describe a person who is either a temporary or permanent resident of a foreign country. To leave one’s country is a big deal and a big change, and most Anastasia Dates members would agree. It’s almost inevitable for an expat to go through a period of loneliness while in a country which is not their own. Those who have expats as partners need to be extra sensitive about the loneliness their significant other might be going through.

Anastasia Dates Expat Advice: What To Do When Feeling Lonely

Today, Anastasia Dates is offering advice on how one can deal with loneliness expats go through. This post is actually going to be divided into two parts. The first part is on how to deal with expat loneliness when you’re an expat yourself. Then, the second part is about how you can deal with the expat loneliness your partner is going through.

Anastasia Dates Expat Advice Part 1

It’s easy to feel out of place in a country and in a culture you’re not familiar with. However, you should remember that what you’re feeling is temporary if you do something about it. Here are Anastasia Dates practical suggestions on how you can deal with your loneliness:

  • Find other expats – it’s always good to have someone to talk to. You can always talk to your significant other but they might not understand where you’re coming from since they are within their comfort zone. You have to find other people who have had a similar experience.
  • Join a club – Anastasia Dates suggests that you join a club that will help you understand the culture of the country you’re in. For example, if you’re in an English-speaking country and not fluent in English, join an English language club to know more about the language.

Anastasia Dates Expat Advice Part 2

Now let’s talk about how you can support your expat partner if he or she is feeling homesick or lonely. You have to be open to communication. Here are some tips on how you can support your expat partner:

  • Communicate – as mentioned, you have to be open to communication as well as be sensitive to what your partner is feeling. Encourage him or her to talk to you so you can better understand what he or she is going through.
  • Encourage support groups and social activities – if you’re not with your partner all the time, you should encourage him or her to join expat support groups or social activities that can help take their mind off of the loneliness.
  • Small gestures – you’ll probably know when your partner is feeling blue. Small gestures like a foot massage can go a long way in making other person feel much better.

There are more dating tips and cultural news on our blog, so make sure you read our other posts. Don’t forget to visit Anastasia Date to meet pretty girls from Eastern Europe.