Digital Signs You’re In A Serious Online Relationship

Everyone is online dating these days because it is easy to do. But, even if online dating has made meeting people easier, it doesn’t make the process of dating less complicated. For example, when you’re online dating, how would you know that the person wants to be in a serious online relationship given the numerous choices that he or she can easily make?

Modern Signs Of A Blooming Serious Online Relationship

The person you’re talking to can find one tiny fault in you and then decide that you are better off as friends. There are a lot more options in the online dating scene so why not find someone who is absolute perfection? Well, because it’s an illusion that kind of person even exists, although a lot of people get caught in the idea it does.

But that fact aside, when it comes to online dating in today’s age, there are some digital signs you can trust that tell you you’re in a serious online relationship. If you spot any of these digital signs, you can safely tell yourself that the person you’re online dating is already taking things seriously:

Social Media Worthy

A good sign that you’re in a serious online relationship is that your partner and you share whatever experiences you have on social media. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media you’re into. If most of your friends on social media know that you’re in an online relationship, and the same goes with your partner, things are getting serious.

Texting During The Day

Everyone loves to text, especially when they are interested in the person they are texting. If you and your online partner constantly text throughout the day, it means that you are fond of each other. The affection and interest are there, and your consistency means that you and your partner want to stay connected.

No More Dating Apps

The best digital sign that tells you that you’re in a serious online relationship is when you and your partner no longer have dating apps on your phones. You’ve already found each other so why bother with dating apps, right?

So, how many digital signs have you spotted in your relationship now? We hope that you’ve spotted a lot. We’ll have more dating tips for you on the blog tomorrow. Make sure to visit AnastasiaDate if you want to try out online dating.

Where To Find Love Locks In Eastern Europe

We are all very familiar with the common material representations of love. We often see these objects that represent our affection for another person during Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. From chocolates, flowers, to paper cutouts of cupid, these represent love and everything it stands for. But, have you ever encountered something representing the same emotion, commonly called love locks?

Love Locks Around Eastern Europe

We are all familiar with how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Western Culture. It could be similar in other parts of Eastern Europe, but in the places we’ve listed below, love can be represented in the form of a lock. People commonly call these as love locks, and it is common practice for a couple to place a lock somewhere in a public place during Valentine’s Day. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be the day of love for couples to “lock in” how they feel for each other.

What are love locks?

Most often, these love locks are placed on fences, bridges or gates or public fixtures to symbolise a couple’s eternal love for each other. The key is, of course, thrown away so the lock stays in place. When you put a lock on something, it means that you’re trying to keep this something from moving away or getting lost. That’s exactly what lovers want to happen.

Where can I find love locks in Eastern Europe?

Now, as to where to find these love locks, you can refer to the list below for Eastern European cities that have iconic public spaces with plenty of love locks for you to see:

1. Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia– In the downtown of Moscow, you will find the Vodootvodny canal which is about 30-60 meters wide. The bridge across the canal has man-made structures that look like trees. Instead of leaves, love locks adorn its metal branches.

vodootvodny canal AnastasiaDate

2. Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia– There is a municipality in Western Serbia called Vrnjačka Banja. One of its popular attractions includes Most Ljubavi which, in English, translates to “Bridge of Love”. It is said that this bridge was the earliest mention of the love lock tradition.


3. Malá Strana District, Prague, Czech Republic– Malá Strana is more officially known as Menší Město pražské which means “Lesser Town of Prague’ in English. If you go to a pedestrian bridge in the Malá Strana district, you’ll find plenty of love locks.

Mala Strana AnastasiaDate

Putting a lock on a public fixture is both a symbol of your love and a declaration to the public that you are with the person you’re with. Do you think you can start your own love lock tradition in your city? We have more interesting posts for you to read on the blog. Also, don’t forget to visit to start online dating.




AnastasiaDate: The Traveler’s Guide To Dating While Exploring

Traveling the world is one of the most exciting adventures you can experience in your lifetime. You get to see different cultures, meet new people, widen your horizon, change your perspective, and maybe find love in the process. And while experiencing cultural practices and making new friends may be something that comes easy when traveling, finding love might be tricky, especially when you’re always in a different country or city every month. What’s a traveler to do? AnastasiaDate has some dating tips for the lonely globetrotter.

AnastasiaDate: You Don’t Have To Give Up Dating Nor Traveling

When you have the wanderlust, it can sometimes be difficult to find someone you can share your adventures with. For one, you’re always traveling so how in the world can you meet people and have a connection with them? You probably don’t stay long in one place. It’s true that it’ll be difficult to find a connection with someone, but you don’t have to give up dating nor traveling when you follow this AnastasiaDate advice:

The Rule On Long-Distance Relationships

Obviously, the first ever question that would come to your head is the question about long-distance relationships (LDRs) – if they work and if they’re a good idea. Honestly, most long-distance relationships do not work because the couple does not have an end plan. For example, what is the end goal of the relationship? Is it to get married? If the relationship is not special enough, you can skip getting into an LDR.

Focus On What You Have Now

Dating while you travel is easier when you focus on the present. Forward-thinking is important, but you have to face the fact that the relationship might not work when you’re not in the same city or country. Refer to the rule on LDR. Focus on the present, but make sure that the person you’re dating also only wants to focus on the present.

Never Make Any Promises

Specifically, you should never make any promises you cannot keep. This is a very important AnastasiaDate advice that you should always remember. You can date while you’re traveling but do not make promises of going back, visiting often, or migrating to the person’s country (soon) if you’re not 100% sure if you can.

So, traveling and dating mix well. You just have to know how to handle specific situations. There might be special cases where you meet and date a fellow traveler, and then end up traveling the world together. You’ll never know – there are infinite possibilities when it comes to love.

We hope that this short guide has given you an idea on how to handle dating while you travel. For more dating tips, don’t forget to check out more posts from our blog. You can also visit our site if you want to give online dating a try.