Things You Didn’t Know About This Polish Beauty, Hottest Model Today

Emily Ratajkowski, who’s of Polish descendant, is one of those women who turn heads when they walk down the street and just can’t go unnoticed when they enter the room, that’s why she’s been called the hottest model around.

She made a bang in 2013, with her saucy appearance in Robert Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video and became a household name after her equally sexy role in the “Gone Girl” thriller one year later, alongside Ben Affleck. From then on, it’s onwards and upwards for the 25-year-old model and actress, but we bet there are things you still don’t know about her.

The hottest model right now almost didn't accept the job in Robert Thicke's music video
She almost turned down the “Blurred Lines” job.

Surprising Facts About The Hottest Model Right Now

You can’t judge a book by its cover and you shouldn’t judge a lady just by her looks. Emily may be smoking hot, but there’s more about her that makes her irresistible. Here’s a taste.

She was signed by Ford Models at just 14. While for most of us early adolescence is an awkward mess, Emily Ratajkowski was so pretty she was scouted as young as 14 years old. The modeling agency Ford Models signed her and she started out as a catalog model at once. Since then, she’s modeled for the biggest fashion houses, like Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu, and featured in the biggest fashion magazines in the world, like Marie Claire and Vogue.

She doesn’t like playing the pretty girl roles. Emily hates being typecasted, so she aims to play more diverse roles that are not based on her looks, but her acting talents. This has led to her being rejected for specific roles, one of which being the lead in Ewan McGregor’s 2016 film “American Pastoral”.

Emily Ratajkowski hottest model AnastasiaDate

She originally rejected the offer to play in the “Blurred Lines” video. Despite the fact it is what catapulted her to fame, Emily was at first skeptical about taking part in Robert Thicke’s daring music video. Apparently, it was a meeting with the director himself that convinced her to finally say that significant “yes”.

Her parents wanted her to become a neurosurgeon. With both of her parents being in academia, the entertainment industry would have lost Emily to science had her parents’ wish for her to become a brain surgeon come true. The beautiful girl attended the University of California, Los Angeles for one year in 2009, but found that the way art was taught there was not in agreement with her views and decided to pursue her modeling career instead.

Read more about Emily Ratajkowski, the hottest model around.
Emily Ratajkowski is, without a doubt, the hottest model today.

If you didn’t know these facts about the hottest model right now, you are welcome. We sure hope to see a lot more of the ravishing brunette in future, both in fashion and cinema.

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Weirdest Cake Wins The Day: Lithuanian Dishes For Beginners

The beautiful country of Lithuania has had a long and interesting history, which is also evident in its cuisine, as it has been influenced by those of Poland, Germany, and Hungary, among others. The country’s cold climate and its fertile ground mean that it is rich in root vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, and beetroots; while berries and mushrooms also grow abundantly. Lithuania also has a big production of meat and dairy products. Most Lithuanian dishes are rich and heartwarming, and well worth a try.

The Lithuanian Dishes To Try At Least Once

If we had to describe Lithuanian cuisine in one sentence, we’d probably call it “food for the soul”. Made with natural ingredients that aim to keep you warm from the inside, it is delicious with its rich flavors and aromas. These are the Lithuanian dishes anyone should try at least once.

Cepelinai (Zeppelins)

There was no other way we’d start but with Lithuania’s national dish: Cepelinai. The dish was originally called didzkukuliai, but it was aptly changed to cepelinai in the 20th century thanks to its shape that resembles a zeppelin airship. Cepelinai are big dumplings whose shell is made with a potato mix and the filling with pork meat. They are doused in a delicious sauce made of sour cream and bacon.

Cepelinai has taken its name from the dumplings' resemblance to zeppelins.
Cepelinai is the most traditional of all Lithuanian dishes, the country’s national dish.

Kibinai (hand pies)

The Lithuanian equivalent to Cornish pasties, these flaky hand-made pasties are the national dish of an ethnic minority that lives in Lithuania, the Karaite. The delicious pastries are usually filled with onion and mutton meat, but they can be found in different variations containing cheese, vegetables or even berry jam.

Kibinai is a traditional Lithuanian dish that can be found in many different variations.
Kibinai are hand-made pasties you can find in different variations.

Saltibarsciai (cold borscht)

One of the most famous dishes in Eastern Europe, the borscht is a soup made with a variety of vegetables, such as carrots, onions, and potatoes. In Lithuania, the basic ingredient of cold borscht (or Saltibarsciai) is the beetroot. It is served as the weather starts to get hotter, and it is accompanied by sour cream, boiled eggs, and potatoes.

One of the most traditional Lithuanian dishes, but also a dish which is much loved in the whole of Eastern Europe, is the cold borscht.
Saltibarciai is a cold and sour soup whose basic ingredient is the beetroot.

Raguolis / Sakotis

Lithuanians also have a sweet tooth. When it comes to special occasions, they go above and beyond to prepare a special cake that looks like a tree – hence the name Raguolis, which means ‘spiked’ and Sakotis, which means ‘branched’. To make the cake take its final shape, bakers put a hollow cake on a spit and close to a heat source, pouring successive layers of batter as it turns. This is how the ‘spikes’ or ‘branches’ are formed. When ready, the cake is cut and served as is, or together with cream and fruit, such as berries.

Raguolis is also known as Sakotis, or Tree Cake because of its shape.
Raguolis or Sakotis is a special cake that is not the easiest dish to prepare.

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Why This New Breakup Style Is Far Better Than Ghosting

Anyone who has been in a position where they had to end a relationship surely knows that it’s not an easy thing to do. Breaking the news to someone that you will no longer be together can be tough on both sides. The new breakup style, recommended by “Life Incorporated” founder, Halley Bock, is a sensitive and honest way to do it.

“Saying Goodbye” Is The New Breakup Style

Far from the cold-hearted and impersonal attitude that’s adopted by those who prefer “ghosting” as a way to end a relationship, “saying goodbye” is personal and aims to give actual closure to a relationship that just doesn’t work.

Why Is It Important To Say Goodbye?

Halley Bock, the woman behind this new breakup technique, points out that showing compassion is vital when it comes to ending a relationship. While it may be convenient to lay the blame of a breakup on others and accuse them of being toxic or evil, in reality, there is no way for us to ever be freed from the emotional baggage unless we say our proper goodbyes.

According to the inspirational author, there is no reason to carry the burden of a relationship that’s no good for us like a heavy bag of stones on our backs. Instead, she proposes that we adopt a more direct and frank approach to how we finish things off, by explaining the reasons for our decision and offering closure.

How Do You Say Goodbye?

What Bock advises people about to break up is to keep the focus on themselves. A good idea is to talk about the effect of the relationship on the person, instead of accusing the soon-to-be-ex partner of the relationship’s failure. So, instead of saying “You are a bad person” you should choose something like “I feel that this relationship does not have the right dynamic for me”.

In any case, she points out that it is essential to make it clear that there is no going back. When you say goodbye, make sure it is understood that the decision is final and do not leave any windows or hopes of a reconnection open.

How To Handle The Reaction

In the event the other person reacts badly, Bock says you should keep your cool and try not to engage in any kind of altercation. Allow the person to accept the harsh reality, as any kind of reaction may be expected when such news is broken to someone. Try to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective, as any person asked to accept something so upsetting is entitled to a reaction.

Even though this new breakup style may not be groundbreaking exactly, in an era of “fast food” relationships, when there is a term for disappearing without a trace from one, it is good to see things from a compassionate and logical angle and end things in a manner which may not be the easiest thing to do, but seems to be the best for both sides.

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