What To Do If You Are Terrified Of Love

What You Should Do When You Are Terrified Of Love

A lot of us are terrified of love. It’s not because we don’t want to get married or find true love, but mostly the reason comes from our fear of the unknown. Love is something we cannot control, so most of us feel that our future with a new person may be uncertain – this is what we find frightening, especially when the new person we’re with is very special. What do you do when you feel this way?

How To Handle Being Terrified Of Love

Most of us have probably been in a situation where we’re not sure whether to pursue a potential or new relationship. But, don’t worry; there are different ways on how you can handle being terrified of love:

Change Your Perspective

Changing your perspective can be easier said than done, but remember that letting love into your life is also a pretty big decision. If you really want to manage your fear, you have to make an effort to change your perspective about love.

First, you have to discover what causes your fear. We already determined that uncertainty can be one cause. So, if you do feel uncertain about the future of your new or potential relationship, you need to think that nothing in our life is permanent. Even life is not permanent. That sounds a bit gloomy, but it teaches us that we need to cherish all the beautiful moments we experience. And, being in love will give you a lot of beautiful moments you can treasure.

Do Your Best To Keep The Relationship

You can always do your best to keep the relationship or make it last for as long as you want. Even if you know that there’s a chance it might end, you can lessen those chances by taking care of the person you’re with.

Treat Love As An Opportunity

Even if we’ve already had numerous past relationships, you have to admit that each time we fall in love is like a totally new adventure. Love is knocking at your door again, and it doesn’t matter if you feel like the relationship started too fast, or if the relationship was slow to develop, you have to grab the chance to feel something beautiful, become a better version of yourself, share your life with someone you care for, and just have plenty of wonderful adventures together.

Also, don’t forget that if something bad happened to you in the past, that doesn’t mean it will happen again. Take every new relationship as a new one, as much as possible.

Like what was said, nothing in this life is certain so we shouldn’t limit ourselves because we are terrified of love, just think of all the beauty it can bring.

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Famous Serbians You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From

Famous Serbians Kristina Peric Instagram

Republic of Serbia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. It has Romania and Bulgaria as neighbours to the East, Macedonia to the South and Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the south-west. When you visit Serbia, you’ll be greeted with picturesque views and by hospitable Serbians.  You’ll also be glad to know that ladies from this country exude the beauty from all angles and we present you some famous Serbians to prove that.

Stunning & Famous Serbians You Can Find On Instagram

If you’re wondering how beautiful Serbian women are, we’ve put together a list of six of the most stunning and famous Serbians you can find on Instagram.

Kristina Perić

  • Instagram handle: @kristinaperic26
  • Number of Followers:47K
  • Bio: Kristina Perić is a model who is based in NYC. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia. This stunner is signed with top modelling agencies including Elite Model Management in New York and Star system Agency in Serbia.

Bojana Bojanić

  • Instagram handle: @bojana_bojanic
  • Number of Followers: 8K
  • Bio: Bojana Bojanić is Serbia’s Miss Universe 2016. She’s a student of security and criminology, and also does international modelling. She’s currently living in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Jelena Karleuša

  • Instagram handle: @ karleusastar
  • Number of Followers:3M
  • Bio: Jelena Karleusa is a Serbian pop star, former columnist and a human rights activist. She is known for her over the top image which many liken to that of Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Currently, she’s one of the most popular singers in the Balkans.

Stanija Dobrojević

  • Instagram handle: @stanijadobrojevic
  • Number of Followers: 495K
  • Bio: Stanija Dobrojevic is best known for her appearances and participation in reality shows like  VIP Survivor.

Tijana Stajšić

  • Instagram handle: @tijanastajsicmakeup
  • Number of Followers: 3K
  • Bio: Tijana Stajsic is known for being Miss Yugoslavia in 2001. She also represented the country in Miss World pageant during the same year and garnered one of the top ten spots.

Nina Seničar

A photo posted by Nina Senicar (@ninasenicar) on

  • Instagram handle: @ninasenicar
  • Number of Followers: 228K
  • Bio: Nina Senicar is a Serbian model and actress. At an early age, she developed the passion for horse-riding and won the title of National Champion in show jumping way back in 2001.

Don’t the ladies on this list make you want to know more about and visit Serbia? Remember that you can follow any of the famous Serbians on this list on Instagram. You can also visit the Anastasia Date Instagram account if you want to see more beautiful pictures of women from Eastern Europe. We hope you enjoyed this list. Check out more of our blog posts for other lists and interesting posts about the Eastern European culture and traditions.







Why You Need To Put Lithuania On Your Travel List

Travelers who are visiting Eastern Europe usually skip Lithuania because it is the southernmost country out of the three Baltic States. But, this charming East European destination deserves to be on your travel list for a number of reasons.

put Lithuania on your travel list

3 Reasons Why Lithuania Should Be On Your Travel List

A trip to Lithuania will probably be one of the most unforgettable you will have. This country has its own charm that comes from the seamless merger of its natural wonders and its urban amenities. It’s also one place in Eastern Europe with remaining traces of the soviet era. To be more specific, here are three reasons why you need to include Lithuania on your travel list:

1. The Hill Of Crosses

In Šiauliai, north-central Lithuania, you will find a man-made monument of crosses. It will definitely catch your attention because it looks a hill made up of an infinite number of crosses. You’ll find crosses of different sizes and designs. Some even have a picture on them and personal messages. These crosses have been left by those undertaking a pilgrimage and visitors.

Hill Of Crosses Lithuania

2. Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital and largest city in Lithuania. It’s full of courtyards, cobbled streets, and baroque architecture. In fact, it is Europe’s largest baroque capital and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You shouldn’t miss visiting St. Anne’s Church and taking a picture at the Gates of Dawn.

3. Trakai Historical National Park

If you’re coming from the capital, Trakai Historical National Park is about 30km away. It’s one of the most popular day-trips you can take. There you will get to see the castle in the middle of the lake. Visitors can cross a footbridge that leads to the restored island castle which is now the Trakai History Museum.

Trakai History Museum Lithuania

Of course, there are more reasons why Lithuania should be on your travel list. The best part about visiting this hidden gem is it won’t break your bank. Those who have traveled to Lithuania say that it is much cheaper than the rest of the Baltic countries.

There is so much to explore when you are in Lithuania. The country is picturesque and, not to mention, the food is flavorful and delicious. Check what your schedule’s like because you might want to book a flight early after reading this post. You can read more about Eastern Europe’s charming destinations on our blog. You will also find posts about the Eastern European culture as well as dating tips here.