How Your Education Affects Your Dating App Chances

When you’re on a dating app, most of the time, you would have to put in your educational achievement. It might be tempting to just leave this detail out because it’s something that may not be important. Well, think again because a recent study has proven that your educational level can actually improve your dating app chances.

The Higher Your Educational Level, The Better Your Dating App Chances

The recent study, which was published in the Psychological Sciences Journals, women are more likely than men to seek a certain level of educational level in a potential partner.

This study gathered data from 42,000 people from ages 18 to 80. It discovered that women from the age of 18 to 30 are more likely to have a preference in educational levels. With men of the same age group, not so much. But, interestingly, as both genders reach the age of 40, women become less picky, while the men become pickier. read more

You Should Change Your Mind About Dating Introverts For These Reasons

Most people don’t really see dating introverts as an option. Of course, you want to be with someone who is outgoing and easy to talk to. And introverts are sometimes the opposite of this. However, you might need to open your mind and your heart up to dating introverts because they’re not all as reserved as you may think.

Dating Introverts Has Its Advantages

You might want to get to know the quiet lady or gentleman sitting in the corner of the room. Give a chance to the online date who seems really shy when you are chatting. Do this because there are advantages to dating introverts:

1. Genuine Curiosity

Introverts are people focused on their inward thinking. This means that they are curious about things, but they don’t ask questions plain out unless they, themselves, are asked. For example, when you are on a date, it would feel really nice if you engage in a conversation with someone who is genuinely curious and interested to get to know you better. read more

Science Proven Ways For You To Become More Attractive

In the dating scene as well as in your career, you can get ahead if you know how to become more attractive. It is not just about the looks, it’s about how you present yourself and make the most of what you have, like your face, stature and the manner you go about yourself.

To Become More Attractive Is Easier Than You Think

Here are some simple ways to become more attractive to other people or your date, even without the added value of style and a good looking face:

1. Be an interesting person.

Simply be an interesting person. People love novelty. You may not be very witty but if you read a lot of motivational books as well as general information, you will have a lot of topics to talk about. You can also have an answer to a wide variety of questions thrown at you. Have an opinion about some general topics but be friendly when airing them out. read more

#MeToo Movement Changed The Dating Scene, This Is What Happened

The #MeToo movement is becoming more popular these days. More and more people are coming forward, having the guts to air their story because of the braver ones who have done so before them. And because women are feeling more empowered, the #MeToo movement has also been affecting the dating scene.

Navigating The Dating Scene With The #MeToo Movement

While the #MeToo movement has protected women against sexual harassment, men, in general, have become more nervous than usual when searching for a match. The dating scene has retracted many steps back because men who have good intentions are also afraid that their motives might be misconstrued. So how do you go about dating with this movement hovering over your heads? read more