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The Ten Online Dating Commandments You Should Never Break

On today’s dating scene, most of us probably feel like meeting someone new through modern means gets complicated. Yes, that is the truth to some extent, but the complication we feel is, honestly, of our own doing. We do not follow the simplest ten online dating commandments, and that makes our love lives way more complex than we’d like.

Online Dating Commandments You Need To Start Following ASAP

Whether you want to believe it or not, you can meet more people, be in less complicated situations, and be stress-free by following simple rules:

Be Organized

What should you organize when you’re dating online? Your profile of course. Don’t just make it on a whim. Take your time, organize your thoughts and your photos, then make your profile. read more

Reasons Why Women Put Up Emotional Walls

There are instances when the women you are dating, or probably in a relationship with, would put up emotional walls. The walls were not put up for no reason, and yes, it is a negative reaction to a stimulus. With the goal of understanding these reasons behind the walls, you can help your partner navigate through her reactions.

Emotional Walls Rise Between You And Your Lady For The Following Reasons

It depends on the woman and her experiences, but sometimes, it takes very little for them to put up emotional walls. So before you resent her and launch an all-out war everytime she reacts this way, maybe she needs understanding and empathy. So, why do women do this: read more

Fun Dating App Questions That Guarantee A Reply

Thanks to technology, online dating is a big part of our modern lifestyle today. However, our success in online dating depends on our interactions. You need topics to talk about that are safe and will help you get to know the other person. To do this, you must master the use of fun dating app questions to keep the conversation going.

Ask Fun Dating App Questions To Get More Dates

Whether you are a man or a woman, you would want to strike up a conversation and have an exchange that feels natural and lively on a dating app. Yes, you can start with the usual, “Hi! How are you?” but it would be better if you follow your intro up with the following fun dating app questions: read more

Are You Building True Intimacy With Your Partner?

How can you tell if you are experiencing true intimacy or not? This has been a common issue with most online daters who refuse to meet in real life. What if the intimacy a couple felt in their digital relationship isn’t actually present when they see each other? It’s a common fear to have.

Work On Building True Intimacy Whether In An Online Relationship Or Not

The truth is, true intimacy can be identified in a number of different ways. This is because people have a different view of intimate connections. There are some who need touch to make that connection, there are those who only need words. So, how do you figure this out? How do you decipher true intimacy from just feeling infatuated? Consider the following: read more