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Seducing Your Way Through Life: Do You Love To Flirt?

Flirting is so natural that all living creatures do it. And it (mostly) comes so easy sometimes that we don’t even realize we are doing it. But why do we love to flirt so much? What makes flirting such a pleasurable activity for both men and women?

The Reasons We Love To Flirt

There are many different reasons why we enjoy flirting so much. Today we will have a look at the most important among them.

It’s what nature wants us to do. Have you seen male peacocks flirt? Why do you think male peacock has such a gorgeous plume if not to show it off and attract female attention? Likewise, we groom ourselves to the nines and go out there to show our best selves to attract the attention of our chosen girl, simply following our primal instinct telling us to do so.

It is super fun. If flirting wasn’t so much fun, people wouldn’t be doing it so much. The whole process of flirting may be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally and reward you greatly. The give and take of flirting can be amusing. Finding the right girl to flirt can turn your night out from a boring affair to the best night you can imagine.

It’s good for our self-esteem. A successful flirt – meaning one that gets the desired response – can make a guy feel like a million dollars. There is no doubt that when a girl flirts back, you feel important and attractive. There is no better confidence boost than her smile when you chat her up or a positive response to something you said. The feeling is priceless every time.

It’s good for your mind, too. But it isn’t just your confidence that is enhanced through flirting. It has been found that when we flirt, our mind works full steam. This is because we need to come up with clever things to say really quickly, so our brain is forced to act really fast or we will seem boring and silly. So, flirting makes you smarter too.

For whatever reason we may flirt, the one thing that’s for sure is that we love to flirt so much that we are not likely to ever stop doing it. From the warm feeling we get when our object of desire responds well to flirting, to the satisfaction we get when we come up with a clever ice-breaker, flirting is so entertaining and heart-warming that everyone loves it.

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If You’re Doing This, Your Dating Approach Is Completely Wrong

Granted, there are so many different tips when it comes to dating that it’s easy to get confused and disoriented. However, despite the fact that different people react differently to different things, there is one dating approach that is just completely wrong.

The One Dating Approach To Never Try

The worst piece of advice one can follow concerns the fallacy that women are actually intrigued by guys who treat them in a mean manner. We have all heard the old adage “treat them mean, keep them keen”, but why is it completely wrong and outdated?

First and foremost, this is wrong because you are not in school anymore. High School girls may have such low self-esteem that they think they actually deserve to be treated badly, but grown-up women know better. If a woman is mistreated, she will most likely think that she doesn’t deserve it and walk away.

Second, with the technological advances today giving us the opportunity to communicate in a thousand different ways from wherever we are, there is simply no excuse to delay replying to a text message anymore. If you purposely delay a reply too much, chances are she will think you are not interested enough and write you off completely. It is less likely that she will get hooked on you for ignoring her like this.

The technological advances mentioned above also mean that the “relationship pool” is a lot bigger nowadays, meaning there’s a lot more potential “fish” out there for her to look for. And with the hectic pace of our lives these days, it is highly unlikely that any sane woman will stick by someone who is playing it too cool to reply to a message or to pick up the phone.

Sound Advice

In a nutshell, unless you are a high school student, it is unacceptable to treat a woman with anything less than respect and honesty. With the opportunity of International Women’s Day being close, we would like to remind men to never get carried away by advice that urges them to pretend to be something they are not and mistreat women in any way. Remember that meaningful and fulfilling relationships can only be built on mutual trust and sincerity.

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Types Of Women To Avoid At All Costs

If your friends are tired of hearing you whine about not meeting the right girl, maybe it’s time to think about your choices so far. It may be that the type of woman you’re after actually belongs to one of the types of women to avoid.

So, What Are The Types Of Women To Avoid?

While the old saying “different strokes for different folks” may hold true, there are some kinds of women you should really steer clear of if you want a happy, fulfilling personal life.

Mrs Know-It-All. Don’t ever think you can outsmart this one. Where you have been, she has been before you. What you don’t know, she surely does. And if she doesn’t, she will still pretend that she does. This type of woman is dying for an opportunity to ridicule you in front of your friends (say, in a harmless Trivial Pursuit round) and lower your self-esteem. Just leave.

Mrs Toxic. She has a problem for all your solutions. For example, she is bound to find all the flaws in the holiday hotel you booked. And the flight there. And the restaurant you dine after your swim. And the holiday destination itself. Don’t bother; she will only make you miserable.

Mrs Mommy’s Daughter. Typically, this type of woman still lives with her mother. She is her best friend with whom she talks on the phone all day, messages a hundred times when you are out and seeks confirmation for every little thing. Let her spend more time with her mum. In fact, let her spend it all with her. Too much hassle.

Mrs Unmotivated. This is the kind of woman who finds no interest in anything. You won’t ever see her excited about a single thing. Forget about going for walks, weekend escapes or any kind of activities you may have in mind. Prepare yourself for endless hours on the couch, watching TV and being bored to death.

Mrs Drama Queen. You may lose your job, your dog may die and your house may catch fire, and still it will be all about the pain she felt when her nail broke. Not ready to face more drama than a Broadway theater? Then run for the hills. This one’s not for you.

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