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This First Date Mistake Is Costing You A Second One

When it comes to dating – as with many things in life – there are no guarantees of success. You may think you’ve got everything covered:  from picking a great, cozy restaurant and being dressed up to the nines, to showing your most polite and gentlemanly behavior, but then you never hear back from her. If you can’t figure out why, this first date mistake may be the answer.

A Common First Date Mistake That Puts People Off

If you thought the date went swimmingly and can’t put your finger on the reason she’s practically gone AWOL ever since, it may be due to reasons that have nothing to do with you (like her discovering she’s not over her ex, or realizing she’s not ready for a relationship), or due to this one very common first date mistake you’ve made: being negative.

Sometimes, in our effort to make conversation we may comment on something like the traffic we found on the way to the restaurant or the nasty weather, without realizing we sound whiney. Also, your ability to make sarcastic jokes may make you popular among friends, but when you’re in the presence of a lady you know nothing about, it is best to keep your jokes a little milder to avoid offense.

Moreover, despite the fact that honesty is considered to be an asset, revealing your weaknesses too soon can actually prove to be a major turnoff. People often think that by willingly showing their own shortcomings right off the bat, they win points for honesty and prevent bad surprises later. However, there is a mistake in this logic, as people tend to fear that a person who is supposed to show their best sides on a date will actually have a lot more issues than he lets on.

A Date Is Not A Therapy Session

This huge first date mistake is based on the wrong notion of what a date is. A date should not be mistaken for a therapy session. The lady sitting across the table is not a therapist – even if she is, she is off duty, she is there to have a good time. The aim of the date is not for one of the two people to let off steam and feel better, it is supposed to be a fun, exciting experience where both parties get to know each other better.

Don’t burden your date with your problems, don’t show her your red flags and don’t expect her to be tuned to your sarcastic sense of humor instantly. Instead, keep the conversation light and interesting, focus on the positive experiences of the day, talk about the good things you notice around you, and try to show your best self – she can discover your flaws in the dates that follow if you do all of the above.

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This Is How You Can Avoid An Affair In Your Marriage

No one gets married planning to cheat on their partner, or even thinking they will be cheated on. We hear about it happening all around us, though, so we know it’s a possibility we can’t rule out completely. There are, however, things we can do in order to avoid an affair that would put a spanner in the works of our plans for marital bliss.

The Best Way To Avoid An Affair That Would Blow Up Your Marriage

The figures given by the Statistic Brain Research Institute show that one or both spouses admit to either physical or emotional infidelity in 41% of marriages; with a whopping  57% of men and over half (51%) of women admitting to infidelity in any of their relationships. These figures are hardly reason for complacency, but they shouldn’t put you off marriage either.

The way most of us deal with the fear of being cheated on is to sternly warn our partner that infidelity is out of bounds in our marriage, and letting him/her know that the minute we catch wind that they have done the deed, we’re gone for good. Even though it might seem like the only way to discourage our partners from having an affair, in reality, what this straightforward approach does is to make them want to cover their tracks so we never learn about their affair.

Understanding Why People Have Affairs

What we need to understand, then, is why men and women may cheat. Only then can we work on eliminating, or at least reducing these causes. As concerns men, it has been found that the main reason a guy will stray is for casual sex. If a man is not 100% satisfied with his sex life at home, he is likely to look for what he wants in an affair. For women, on the other hand, it seems that the number one reason for infidelity is feeling emotionally neglected or unwanted. In other words, women might seek comfort and admiration in the arms of a lover if they feel scorned within their marriage.

So, What Can You Do To Avoid An Affair In A Marriage?

There are 3 main things you can do to prevent the worst from happening.  First of all, you need to be aware of your partner’s needs and desires. This can only be achieved through constant and open communication. It is the main reason why two spouses need to first and foremost be good friends with each other, they need to feel free to express their true self and not be ashamed to communicate their needs and wants for fear of being criticized.

Second, as a marriage progresses, so do the people involved in it. What was once desirable, may not be so anymore, but there will be core things your spouse admired in you that he/she still finds irresistible.  For example, if it’s her long hair you love, let her know so she can keep it this way; if she admires your cooking skills, don’t stop making her favorite dish. In other words, evolve but also stay true to the things that brought you together.

A third way to avoid an affair ruining your marriage is to be sincere enough to discuss temptation with each other. Do you find Beyonce stunning? Does she think Alexander Skarsgard is God’s gift to women? So what? Make it OK to talk about the people you find attractive like two adults who are neither blind nor asexual, knowing you are committed, you are making the conscious decision to remain faithful to each other.

To cut a long story short, you can’t put your marriage in bubble-wrap and be safe in the knowledge it will never break. But, you can avoid an affair breaking it if you make sure you handle it with love and care every single day.

It’s Actually Possible: You Can Make Your Summer Romance Last, Just Do This

“Oh those summer nights”, sang Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in ‘Grease’, as they lived their very own strong summer romance. And there really is nothing like falling head over heels with a stranger under the scorching sun on a breezy Mediterranean beach. The question is: how can you make it last?

A Summer Romance Can Become A Lasting Kind Of Love

The warm sun will go and the beautiful Med island will be a beautiful memory soon, as you sit by your office window wrapped in your woolly jumper and watching the autumn leaves fall. But that warm, fuzzy feeling inside doesn’t have to go with them. This is how.

Make Beautiful Memories

The number one thing to do once you realize you’d like that girl to stay in your life come September is to make sure to have as much fun as you can during your time together. Live for the moment, get a little crazy, and create exciting memories you can get back to when you’re far away and thinking of each other.

Build Foundations

Other than your favorite cocktail, if you want to lay the foundations for a deeper relationship, you need to connect with your girl on a deeper level. You may not want to share your darkest secrets and fears with her, but make the effort to share a little about yourself and let her be vulnerable and open up to you too.

Don’t Judge

Quick judgments are a real threat when it comes to a summer romance. You may see a person who’s looser and acts more freely than she does in her everyday life, for example. Just because you’ve spent 5 minutes together, don’t fool yourself thinking you know her well enough to pass judgment. It may feel like you’ve known her for years, but it’s probably been something closer to a week.

Arrange Your Next IRL Date

The best way to keep your girl close is to plan a long-term date with her. Is your favorite band playing in her city in October? Buy tickets for it and make sure you stick to your plan to see her again soon. Or you can arrange a trip together, even if you’re on a budget. This is the way to keep things hot, even when the temperatures start to drop.

Don’t Dwell On The Summer Experience

It may be tempting to keep referring to the summer you spent together, but it’s not the best way to move forward with your relationship. We’re not saying that you should never refer to it – by all means, it’s where it all began and you should cherish it, but dwelling on it too much is a little sad and a sign your relationship is stuck in the past. It’s far better to talk about what the future holds, and share your present any way you can.

Use Any And Every Way To Connect

Thank goodness, modern technology is a real savior when it comes to long-distance relationships. Use the Anastasia Date chat app, use your camera, write letters; any way you can effectively communicate with her should be employed for your higher cause of keeping the fire alive.

Express Yourself

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings and thoughts. Be honest, show her you mean business and make her understand you’re not deterred by distance and that she is your priority. Don’t be shy about being as expressive as you like, as long as she’s into it too. Make your chats as saucy as you both feel like.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and there is bound to be some of that after your summer romance. But that doesn’t mean you should let your feelings (and hers) wither away as the summer holidays become a fading memory. A summer romance can be a solid winter relationship if you really want it to.

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