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Anastasia Date: You’ll Be Stuck In Your Off And On Relationship For A Long Time

There’s this one girl you can’t seem to forget. Even if you’ve already broken up ages ago, you still can’t seem to shake her off your system. So, what you do is you get back to her every chance you get. Is she the one? It’s possible, but you could also just be stuck in a relationship rut. Through this Anastasia Date post, you’ll hopefully get a better grasp of why you are in this cycle.

Anastasia Date: The Explanation Of Why You Are Cycling Back To One Girl

It’s romantic to think that you may be feeling this way because it’s true love. One research, however, suggests something different. This research found out that most individuals, millennials especially, spent an average of 4.2 years with just one person, often not consecutively. In addition, a staggering 60% of the groups the research studied were in an on and off relationship.

As for the reason behind the cycle, psychologist Dr Stéphanie Boisvert mentioned that those who went through negative experiences with their peers growing up tend to move into the romantic phase in their life much later. She continues by saying that this habit is carried into adult life, manifesting through the difficulty of finding and maintaining life partners.

What This Means For You

The results can tell you a lot. For one, it shows that the way you are feeling has less to do with true love and more to do with your fear of getting hurt.

You may be stuck in an on and off relationship, because you don’t want your partnerships to reach to a deeper point.

Emotionally, you may need someone by your side so you go back to the last person that made you feel good, but your torn up because you also don’t want to get hurt in the process. This is where your rut comes from.

What you need to do to get out of it is to come to terms with the fear of getting hurt. For you to do that, you’re going to need some professional help. The thought may be a little bit daunting but it’s going to be a big help for you to move forward. For more tips on love and relationships, check out the rest of our blog. Don’t forget to visit the Anastasia Date site too.

This Expert Knows How You Can Make Your Dating Profile Irresistible

We kid you not when we say that the internet is filled with a bunch of dating sites. We might not need to tell you this because, probably, you already have your profile on popular ones. Having a multitude of dating sites to choose from has it perks because it does give us options, but with those options come good and bad consequences. You won’t always meet the nicest person online, you know. That’s why it’s important for you to have your dating profile in tip-top shape.

An Expert’s Opinion Of Your Dating Profile

According to Tera Stidum, an online dating consulting expert, there are different techniques to making your dating profile more irresistible to the right people. Here’s what she suggests:

1. Always Get Their Real Name

This measure isn’t just for checking the identity of a person. Although this is standard when talking about online dating safety (to avoid being catfished), you need to do this measure so you can do a quick Google search about the kind of dater the person is. Stidum hints that sites like reddit or other forums may be good sources of information about people who make terrible dates.

2. Your Profile Represents Who You Are

When it comes to building your profile, you have to do it in a way that best represents your personality, interests, and goals in life. If you want to travel the world, put it on your dating profile. If you love staying home and watching Netflix, you should put that on your profile too.

However, you shouldn’t go overboard with your self-descriptions. Keep it short, go straight to the point, and always remember to be truthful. In a nutshell, Stidum suggests:

  • Make 5 sentences about yourself.
  • Compose 5 sentences about the person you’d like to meet.
  • Always put amazing pictures on your profile.
  • If you have written more than 10 sentences, it’s too much.
  • Never put your kids’ photos on your dating profile.

In case you were wondering, Stidum met her husband on a dating site. That’s why she believes in online dating so much. She did admit that it might take a while for you to find your perfect match even when your dating profile is irresistible, but if you have the patience, online dating could work for you. For more dating news and online dating tips, check out our other articles here.

You Have All The Power To Attract New Love That Will Be Forever, And Here’s How

In all of us there is a desire to meet a person who is our equal, our soulmate, and our one true love. We search for this person in every relationship we have. Every time a new love comes along, we entertain the possibility of the person being “the one”.

Finding New Love By Focusing On Purposefulness

Despite this fact, the cold, hard truth remains – not every new love ends up being our true love. And, this fact weighs heavily on most of us. The unexpected outcome becomes baggage that affects our lives in a negative way. It also could be baggage that we bring into the next relationship we have, and this is no way to live our lives.

We have all been there and we know how painful it is to lose someone you truly cared about, but life should go on. If this sounds like you, don’t worry because you still have the chance to rebuild your life through “intention”.

Intending For Your Life To Be This Way

If you’ve encountered the Law of Attraction, you will be familiar with the power of intention. In the dictionary, “intention” is synonymous to forethought. It could mean “aim” or “plan”. Experts will say that if you intend your life to be miserable, then you’ll be miserable. But, if you intend your life to be more than it was yesterday, well, you get the idea.

Start With Your Insides

Books on purposeful living will tell you that it is not about physically doing something to improve your life. Intention starts from within. Here are steps you can take on the path to intending your life to be better:

  1. Deal with your past. You’ll need to have some sort of closure from whatever past relationship or experience you’re still carrying.
  2. Focus on the now. Because your aim is to change your perspective, all you have to focus on is today. Don’t worry about the past because you’ve dealt with it, and don’t worry about the future because it is going to make itself when you focus on the now.
  3. Believe in the change. Lastly, if you believe that things will change for the better – you’ll find a new love, you’ll land a better job, you’ll be a better version of yourself – they eventually will as long as you maintain your focus.

Believe us when we say that this journey can take time – a lot of it. But, again, don’t worry about the future and start focusing on the now to begin living your life with purpose. Remember that it all starts with your intention.

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