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Greek Islands Ideal For Romantic Escapes

Think long sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. Think sunny days under the Mediterranean sun. Small white and blue sun- drenched houses and amazing restaurants and tavernas. Think a refreshing sea breeze stroking your face as you enjoy a marvelous sunset with your lady. Think Greece. And then visit one of its countless islands, some of the most ideal places for romantic escapes in the world.

Pick Your Favorite Romantic Escapes in Greece

The Greek islands are like priceless gems in the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed by nature and mirroring the love of Greeks for beauty and tradition, they are perfect romantic destinations; each with its own unique character. Read our selection and pick your favorite.


The most popular of the Greek islands, Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world. People from the international jet set can be seen sunbathing by day and sipping cocktails in one of the numerous bars by night. Take your girl for a stroll in the island’s narrow cobbled streets and brush shoulders with regular visitors, like Monica Bellucci, Lady Gaga, and Shakira. If you are after an endless fun with your girl, this island is for you.

Mykonos AnastasiaDate


Number two in the popularity stakes is another gem of the Aegean Sea. Santorini takes your breath away from the moment you reach its port. The island is no less than a volcano embraced by the Aegean – a place of phenomenal beauty and history. Santorini boasts award-winning restaurants, luxury spas, and 5-star hotels that make romantic escapes there an amazing experience. But even those with a smaller budget can have the time of their lives. The sunsets in Oia are events in their own right. Picture-perfect and unforgettable, Santorini is the place for you if you are a true romantic.

AnastasiaDate Santorini


In the northernmost part of Greece, stands its biggest island: the mythical Crete. With its amazing natural beauty and thousands of years of history, you will fall in love with this place. In Chania, you will enjoy the best of everything. Elegant villas, pulsating bars and traditional restaurants, significant cultural sites – you will never run out of things to see and do. Or you can just spend your days soaking up the sun on one of the island’s beaches, such as the world-famous 3km-long white sand beach of Falasarna. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Crete AnastasiaDate


The island of Aphrodite, the place where the Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) statue was found, is the most exotic of all Greek islands. It is called the Island of Lovers because it is so romantic. Yellow, orange, red and dazzling white rock formations make each one of its beaches unique. Milos’ turquoise waters will mesmerize you and form the perfect backdrop for your most romantic moments. Don’t forget to share a piece of a rich chocolate pie, one of the island’s specialities.

Milos AnastasiaDate


Zakynthos is for you if you like the combination of green nature and blue waters. The island has got an impressive nightlife, but also some of the longest beaches you can find. Take a small boat trip and visit the astonishing, secluded beach of Navagio. And if you like your wine, Zakynthos produces loads. Drink a glass or two in one of the island bars, enjoying the beautiful panorama of Zante town.

AnastasiaDate Zakynthos


Last but not least, a destination that’s closer to Athens for those wishing to combine a visit to the capital with a romantic getaway. Spetses is only 2 hours away from the capital. This is one of the most aristocratic and romantic islands in Greece. Cars are forbidden here, amplifying the romance factor.  Take an evening ride in one of the horse and buggies that still exist on the island, passing the picturesque Old Port and marveling at the island’s traditional architecture. Can you think of anything more romantic?

Spetses AnastasiaDate

These are just some of the Greek islands lending themselves to the most romantic escapes you can imagine. Choose the one closer to your tastes and live your own unforgettable myth with your loved one.

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The Easiest Eastern European Beer Guide To Follow

When you think about a country or a place where you can get the best beer, you would probably think of Germany first. And, it’s for good reason because the German beer has dominated the beer scene for a number of years. But aside from Germany, can you think of other places you can taste the best beer? Try Eastern Europe. Yes, Eastern European beer is slowly making its way under the lager-limelight and it is about time it does.

How To Taste The Best Eastern European Beer

Because Eastern European beer is somewhat of a newcomer, here’s an easy guide you can follow so you know how to gain access to places in Eastern Europe that serve the best beer.

Go To A Random Place And Ask For A Cold One

If you are in Eastern Europe, asking for a beer at any establishment means that you are asking for whatever local brew they have. You don’t have to be specific with your order which is great. But, if you’ve done your research about Eastern European beer, you can always ask for a specific one from the waiter or bartender.

Taste Eastern European Beer In Several Cities

When you’re visiting Eastern Europe it’s likely that you’re not just going to stay in one place. Make the most out of your beer adventure by tasting different beers in different Eastern European cities you visit. A lot of people say that you have to experience the craft beer in Hungary so make sure you include the country on your list.

Do Not Count Out The Small Guys

You may be tempted to grab a beer from the bigger companies, go ahead. There’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure that you don’t count out the smaller breweries. You can ask around where you can get a taste of local beers from locals themselves. They’ll know far more than any online resource you come across.

Since you are or you will be on vacation, don’t shy away from beers you’re not familiar with either. It’ll probably be a while before you taste Eastern European beer again so let your adventurous side come out, not only while exploring but, through tasting, probably, the best beer you’ve tasted thus far. For more interesting posts about Eastern Europe, don’t forget to check out the rest of our posts on the blog. If you want to meet a lovely Eastern European lady to ask about local beers from, you can visit AnastasiaDate.

Anastasia Date Recommends: Unusual Activities You Can Enjoy In St Petersburg

You’ll find a lot of online resources to help you plan your vacation to St Petersburg Russia. Most of the time, these online resources highlight the common places tourists go to as well as common activities that visitors love to do. It’s a good idea to follow the recommendations on popular online resources, but Anastasia Date has different recommendations: have you ever thought about doing something more on the unusual side?

St Petersburg with Anastasia Date: Unusual Yet Fun Things To Do

St Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia (after Moscow) so there’s bound to be hidden gems and unusual yet fun things to do that many would describe as “off the beaten path”. Check out the following hidden gems and unusual yet fun activities:

Visit Specific Metro Stations

Metro station Russia Anastasia Date
Avtovo Station, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The metro stations in St Petersburg don’t look like any other metro stations. The architecture on particular ones is exquisite and some buildings are practically works of art. Visiting metro stations may be a little unusual but it’s more affordable and all you need is one ticket. Try the following metro stations:

  • Avtovo (line 1)
  • Ploshad Vosstanyia (line 1, 3)
  • Admiralteyskaya (line 5)

Go On Rooftop Tours

Is there really such a thing as a rooftop tour? Definitely, this list isn’t called unusual for nothing. This kind of tour is growing in popularity still but if you try it you’ll see St Petersburg Russia from a different angle (literally). The tours will most likely include interesting talks about the history of the places you visit.

Visit The Ziferblat Anti-Cafe

Have you ever been to an anti-café before? Ziferblat in St Petersburg is the original anti-café that has started a worldwide trend. It’s best described as a free space where you can get coffee, tea and biscuits while playing computer games, reading or watching movies. The crowd is artsy and eclectic so you’ll feel right at home if you have the same characteristics, Anastasia Date finds. It’s hard to liken the Ziferblat to anything, so you’d have to experience it to understand it yourself.

The Hidden Treasures Of Udelka

Udelka is probably the most popular flea market in St Petersburg. What’s so special about it is that it is chock-full of great and out-of-the-ordinary finds you’ll absolutely love.

Udelka AnastasiaDate

What do you think of our list of the not so usual activities you can do in St Petersburg Russia? There’s no rush if you cannot visit soon, but do share this post with someone who is planning to go on a trip soon. We have more trip tips for you on the blog so make sure you check them out. You can also check AnastasiaDate to meet beautiful ladies from St Petersburg Russia.