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Be Mesmerized By The Effortless Charm Of Zagreb

If she were a lady, Zagreb would be a young, supercool, educated, clever and upbeat girl. The kind that needn’t try hard to capture your imagination, the kind of girl you see on your way and instantly know you want to discover.  The secret charm of Zagreb makes it a city that doesn’t try to lure you into a visit by making promises, but it keeps you by making memories. Read more.

Give Into The Charm Of Zagreb, A Vibrant Capital

The Croatian capital is brimming with life. From the small and buzzing terrace cafes to the up-and-coming gastronomic scene of the place and the lively nightlife of Zagreb, this is a city made for fun. There are a number of music bars and live venues for fans of any kind of music, from pop and rock to dance – like KSET, Sirup, and Tvornica Kulture – so this youthful city literally never sleeps.

The vibrant atmosphere of the city adds to the charm of Zagreb
Zagreb is full of life, day and night.

Museums Everywhere

But Zagreb is also cultured. In fact, it holds the record for being the city with the most museums per capita than any other city in the world. They cover such a vast variety of topics that you can go from the swanky “Museum of Contemporary Art”  to the “Tortureum” – Museum of Torture, and from the vast “Mimara” to the strangely appealing museum for love-affairs-gone-awry, the famous “Museum of Broken Relationships”.

The Mimara Museum is another thing adding to the charm of Zagreb.
Mimara Museum is an art museum housing the collection of Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara.

An Architectural Mixtape

Zagreb can’t hide its past. And it doesn’t want to either. The city’s architecture is living testament to the important historic changes Croatia has undergone. The Austrian and Hungarian architectural styles, the communist structures and the minimalist, modern-day buildings are all there reminding the visitor of this city’s important past and promising present.

The National Theatre museum adds a little more to the architectural charm of Zagreb.
The National Theatre in Zagreb is a fine example of the city’s architecture.

Getting Around In Zagreb

The one thing to know is that Zagreb is divided into three parts: the thousand-year-old Upper Town (Gornji Grad), where you can see the Presidential Palace, the St Mark’s Church – with the amazing roof where carefully-placed tiles form the coat of arms of Zagreb (a white castle on a red background) and the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia – the Croatian Parliament (Sabor), museums and galleries. Then, there’s the 19th century Lower Town (Donji Grad) with many shops, restaurants, cafes, theaters and parks. The third part of Zagreb is the more modern post-WW II area of New Zagreb (Novi Zagreb), where you will see much more modern high-rise buildings.

If you like walking, this city is ideal for you. Most of the things to see in Zagreb are within walking distance and a stroll in the romantic cobbled streets of the Upper Town under the light of gas lamps is highly recommended for couples. If you get tired, you can always hop on one of the iconic blue trams running across the city.

Discover the charm of Zagreb in romantic Gornji Grad.
Wander through the gas-lit streets of Gornji Grad.

Outdoor Sports

Because of its geographical location, where east meets west, Zagreb offers outdoor activities throughout the year. In the warmer months you can visit the Jarun Lake for water activities like sailing and swimming,  and in the colder months skiing at Mt. Medvednica (which is very easy to reach) is the preferred activity for visitors and locals alike.

Romantic Jarun Lake adds to the charm of Zagreb
Jarun Lake is one of the places Zagrebians flock to in the warmer months

Let the understated charm of Zagreb guide you through its cobbled streets, markets, museums, cafes and restaurants and fall in love with this wonderful city’s cool personality.

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You Are Doing This Every Day And It’s Destroying Your Relationship

In relationships that have been going on for a while, it is common to have arguments over the smallest of things. If you have an argument about something very silly and trivial and you can’t fathom what’s really brought it on, it may be that there are other, deeper causes for it. Read about some of the mistakes you may be making in your everyday life that are destroying your relationship little by little.

How These Habits Are Destroying Your Relationship

When the first period of your relationship is over, it is easy to make certain mistakes unbeknownst to you, really thinking they are perfectly alright and not realizing they may be the cause for much of the friction in your relationship.

Not giving yourself alone time. Being in a relationship is time-consuming and you will, of course, enjoy being with her. While it may be true that you need to spend time together and experience things in common, it is also vital that you save some time for yourself. Being consumed in a relationship is wrong because it essentially changes who you are and it deprives you of the air you need to breathe. Not having time to yourselves can cause bitterness and resentment, so leave some time aside for you and only you.

Making her spend too much time with your friends. Another relationship problem related to what you do with your time arises when you insist on both of you spending big chunks of it with your mates. As we said earlier, saving time for you is a must, so you can hang out with your friends during that time. Of course, it isn’t bad to invite her along sometimes and hang out together. However, you should remember that, as much as you love your friends, she is not just a friend – she is your girlfriend, and you should be devoting time to her too.

Not really listening. It is easy to make this mistake. As we get to know our other half we might feel we know enough and stop listening. Could be down to tiredness after a log day at work, could be because you’ve heard some of it before, or simply because you don’t want to hear her complaints or criticism, but blocking her out is wrong. It is disrespectful and she will notice if you keep doing it, so while it may be (barely) ok that you pretend to be listening once in a while; if it happens frequently it is bound to eat away at your relationship.

Criticizing her in front of others. This is really big no. No matter what she has done, how wrong she may have been and how annoying you may be feeling, you should never put her down in public. Keep your criticism and advice for when you are alone, as belittling her in front of others – even your closest of people – will create an ugly gap between you. You should be united and act as a strong team. Members of a  team don’t turn against one another, they cover for each other.

Now that you know about these small but significant relationship mistakes, you can stop destroying your relationship and start fortifying it by making small steps every single day.

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You’ve Probably Never Heard About These Fantastic Places In Prague

There are some places in the world that let you down when you actually visit them. And then, there are others that totally live up to their hype. Prague, also known as the “City of a Thousand Spires”, is one of those fairytale cities that are steeped in history and culture and natural beauty. It oozes romance in every corner of every cobblestone street you walk. Read about the most wonderful places in Prague.

Absolutely Must-See Places In Prague 

It has been really hard to choose just some of this majestic city’s sights, but we have come up with the ones you should make it your business to see asap. Here they are.

The Prague Castle

Arguably the most popular among Prague sights is the Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad), which once housed Bohemia’s king. Today, it’s the official residence of the Czech Republic’s President. The Castle, the largest ancient one in the world, was originally built as a walled fortress around 970 AD but has undergone serious changes due to invasions, fires, and wars through the years. As a result, today the castle is an exhibition of the most important architectural styles of the past millennium.

When you are there, make sure you also spend some time in the Royal Garden, which is a beautiful sight in its own right. Make sure you leave ample time for your visit to the Castle and the surrounding area because there are so many interesting buildings around and things to see and do that time will fly by before you know it. Luckily, you won’t go starving as there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the area.

The Prague Castle is one of the most significant sights in Prague.
One of the most iconic sights in Prague, the Castle is now the residence of the country’s President.

Charles Bridge

This impressive 15th century bridge, which connects the ‘Lesser Town’ with the Old Town, is ideal for a romantic walk, as it is adorned with 30 statues (among them that of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and that of John of Nepomuk, the country’s most revered saint) and lined with atmospheric lanterns all the way. Be camera ready as the Charles Bridge offers some spectacular views over the River Vltava, and the structure’s Gothic gates are also of great architectural beauty, one of the prettiest places in Prague.

Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic sights in Prague.
This atmospheric bridge is picture-perfect.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

Located in the historic center of Prague, the Old Town, one of the biggest city spaces in Europe, is where visitors get the chance to see some of the most popular sights in Prague, from the Tyn Church (a beautiful 15th century building) to the Old Town Hall – home to the splendid early 15th-century Astronomical Clock, and a place from which to marvel at the city’s view.

The Clock turns into quite a spectacle every hour, as the wooden doors at its top open and figures of the 12 Apostles appear and parade across the clock’s face. If you walk up the stairs to the top of the Town Hall, the panoramic views of the city will definitely reward your effort.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock are among the sights in Prague no visitor should miss.
Visit the Old Town Square and see some of the most important sights in Prague surrounding it.

The National Theatre

For art lovers, the National Theatre is a real must-see. Just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town Square and on the banks of the River Vltava, this is one of the most stunning neo-Renaissance buildings. Dating from 1868-83, the National Theatre is easy to spot on a sunny day, as its golden roof gleams as the sun rays touch it.

It isn’t just the breathtaking outside that makes this such an important landmark, though. The Czech people regard their National Theatre as a very significant part of their history, as it was built to symbolize the Czech National Revival and aims to promote the country’s language and dramatic arts.

Another interesting fact about this building is that it was engulfed in flames just days before it was officially set to open (on the 12th August 1891), but within just 6 weeks the Czechs managed to raise enough money to rebuild it. It eventually opened in 1883 and has ever since housed a varied repertoire of opera, ballet, and Czech drama.

The National Theatre is one of the most valued sights in Prague.
The National Theatre holds special value for the Czechs, both artistically and historically.

 The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad

Last on our list of places to visit in Prague is the Vyšehrad fortress. High above the Vltava River, this beautiful fortress will make you feel like you are the protagonist of a fairy tale, with its unique beauty and magnificent scenery. Dating as far back as the 10th Century, the Fortress has been the subject of myths and legends. Today, it lends itself for beautiful, romantic strolls and picnics, and it offers visitors an amazing view of the city.

The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad is one of the most romantic sights in Prague, with a great atmosphere and view.
Visit The Vyšehrad Fortress for a fairytale feeling and amazing view to the city.

This is just a taste of the absolutely wonderful places in Prague. There are plenty more to discover, depending also on a person’s preferences and tastes. One thing is for sure: Prague is a city that commands attention and one that deserves a place on everyone’s bucket list.

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