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How You’ll Know It’s Time To Say I Love You

There have probably never been three words more used and abused than the words I love you. People all over the world say these three tiny words to each other, some hoping that they will hear it back, and others just because they are bursting with emotion and simply want to express themselves. How do you know when the time is right, though?

This Is When You Should Say I Love You To Your Partner

Are you unsure about expressing your love to your partner, worrying it may be too early or too late? These are the signs that will tell you when the time is right to share the love.

When you are sure about your feelings.

Even if you are not sure she feels the same way, if you are convinced it’s not just a crush or infatuation that you are feeling but a deep kind of affection, care, and the desire to spend your time with her, you can be honest and share your thoughts and emotions with your girl.

When you know you can really prove your words with actions.

Can you back your claim with actions? Will you be there for her when things get tough? Do you feel like you don’t just admire her looks or positive traits, but also like her darker moments, her flaws, her weaknesses, and insecurities? When we genuinely love someone, we love all of him/ her, not just the good parts. And we know for a fact that we can prove our words with real actions when the time comes (because the time will come, as it always does).

When you feel comfortable enough around her to express yourself.

Real love should be easy; it should come naturally and not be forced. The people we love will make us feel at ease and never push us into saying things. If you feel that it won’t scare her away or put her under pressure, you should open up to her and let her know about your feelings towards her.

….And When NOT To Say I Love You

You shouldn’t say I love you just because you want to hear it back. And you shouldn’t say it because she said it first and put you on the spot, either. You should never say I love you to get what you want, as a way of emotional manipulation or just because you feel like this is what she wants to hear.

Three simple words can hold such a strong meaning, they are almost sacred. Save your I love yous for the people who deserve them and cherish those who tell you I love you and prove it with the way they treat you. These three words can make someone very happy, so make sure they really mean something when you say them.

The Successful Beauty Who Went From The Horrors Of War To The Top Of The World

When Rita Sahatçiu was born on 26 November 1990, her birthplace PristinaSFR Yugoslavia (present-day Kosovo) was embroiled in a war. Her parents moved Rita and her siblings to London when she was just one. Rita Ora may be a global star today, but she has never stopped talking about the hard times her family went through. Which is just one of the reasons why this successful beauty is such a special girl.

The Cinderella Story Of A Successful Beauty That Went From Rags To Riches

Rita Ora, her first name a tribute to Rita Hayworth and Ora, meaning “time” in Albanian, the surname used by her parents when they moved to London because British people found it hard to pronounce her real surname, never felt the need to change her life story or lie about her family’s hardships. On the contrary, the stunning girl has been very vocal about the difficulties they had to overcome to make it.

Speaking to the Evening Standard about her childhood, Rita said: ‘We lived in Earls Court, on the Old Brompton Road. One room for all four of us, my sister (Elena) annoying me by doing her times tables when I was trying to sleep.’

“The word ‘refugee’ carries a lot of prejudice,” she said. “But it also made us determined to survive. When you put anyone into an alien environment, where other people aren’t completely comfortable with them being there, they are automatically going to be defensive. It’s the rule of the jungle, right?”

The successful beauty had a tough childhood.
The talented girl has had to persevere through her family’s hardships.

The successful beauty added that her parents worked hard to make a living – her mother studying medicine during the day and working as a waitress by night. These days her mother, Vera, now works as an NHS psychiatrist.

Her father, Besnik, bought a pub in Kilburn and they slowly made more money and were able to move to a better area in London.

Rita’s Career

Rita attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. Her first singing performances started in her father’s pub and she also did open-mic sessions in places around London. When she was just 15, Rita’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The teenager had to stop going to school to support her mother who, thankfully, managed to survive the illness.

She made a few cameo appearances on Craig David, Tinchy Stryder and James Morrison’s songs, but the defining moment of her career was when her manager, Sarah Stennett, introduced her to Jay-Z. The music mogul signed her to his record label and the rest, as they say, is history.

The successful beauty's life changed when she met Jay-Z.
The Kosovar beauty had her big break when she met Jay-Z.

Finding Success

Rita Ora has had a series of chart-topping hits, such as “Hot Right Now” (2012), “Radioactive” (2013), “I Will Never Let You Down” (2014), “Poison” (2015), and “Your Song” (2017). She has done a number of collaborations with big music names, like DJ Fresh, Calvin Harris, Chris Brown, Tinie Tempah, and Iggy Azalea. The multi-talented beauty has also appeared in a number of TV series and films, like “Empire”, “Red Band Society” and “Fifty Shades of Grey”, while she has participated as a judge on the “X Factor” and “America’s Next Top Model”.

She has also landed lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like Calvin Klein, Superga, Rimmel, Donna Karan, Marks & Spencer, Roberto Cavalli, Coca Cola, and Samsung, among others.

The successful beauty has collaborated with big fashion houses and brands.

The sexy blonde has struck a number of lucrative endorsement deals.Her much-anticipated second music album was very recently announced to drop this autumn, after 5 years and a legal battle with her first record label, Roc Nation. Rita made the exciting announcement during an Instagram live broadcast which made her millions of fans super happy.

Personal Life

Juicy and toned Rita is far from a wallflower. Never one to shy away and cover up, Rita has made some very hot appearances and she’s had some high-profile relationships. In 2009, when both stars were just starting out, she was in a relationship with Bruno Mars about whom she has said: “It was love at first sight. I was 18 and starting out. I thought: Wow, that’s just the world’s greatest guy!”

From 2011-2012 Rita was in a very well-documented (as was to be expected) relationship with the male sibling of the Kardashian clan, Rob. Rob accused her of cheating on him, to which she later replied, “‘I never thought it was actually a relationship.”

The successful beauty has had a tumultuous love life.
Rita has been linked to a number of celebrities.

But the most high profile of Rita’s relationships was with singer/ producer/ prodigy Calvin Harris. They went out from 2013 to 2014, but it all ended amid bitter words and accusations, with Harris going so far as to forbid the successful beauty from using the songs that he had produced on her album.

Currently, the 26-year-old girl is said to be in an on-off relationship with musician Andrew Watts (27).

With her talent, charm, and determination, this already successful beauty is expected to take the world by storm once her second album is out. We would tell you to keep your eyes on her – but we know there’s no need to ask you that because it’s almost impossible to take them off her anyway.

The successful beauty has one of the most toned bodies in showbusiness.
Rita is a confident girl who’s proud of her toned figure.

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How To Turn Your Fling Into A Relationship

When it comes to romance, few things can really be predicted. So, a relationship that started off as something of a Netflix and Chill thing, or a Situationship, can sometimes have the potential to be something more. What do you do when you realize it does, though? Is it possible to turn your fling into a relationship?

When Should You Attempt To Turn Your Fling Into A Relationship?

To begin with, there are two things to consider before you attempt the transition from fling to a full-blown relationship. Number one: is it something you really want? And number two: is it something she really wants? Unless you are both in a Hell-Yeah state of mind, don’t bother. One – or both – of you will get end up getting hurt.

Don’t Rush Into Things

Wanting to give things a go is the first important step, but you should in no way try to force things to move on quickly. Take things slow, and make your dates a bit more personal and diversified (instead of just hooking up for a steamy night at home). Keep in mind that acting impatiently and pushing things to move too fast might scare her away if she’s not in the exact same stage as you.

Get To Know Her

In the process, make a real effort to get to know her and to show her who you really are. In casual relationships we tend to reveal very little of ourselves, so see the dating process as an opportunity to learn more about the things that excite her and the things she can’t stand. This will give you the chance to gauge how compatible you are and whether the things that you share (interests, passions, and views on life) make moving on worth your while.

Open Up About Your Feelings

Once you know that she can handle your truth, make your feelings known. Explain that you would like to take your relationship to a more serious level and make an effort to date exclusively, not just casually.

Keep The Flame Alive

Going from a fling that’s based on passion and sexual tension into a more serious, long-term relationship may sometimes feel like an anti-climax. Canadian relationship expert, writer and blogger Mandy Len Catron recently said on NPR’s advice segment “The Call-In” :  “The idea is that when you do something really stimulating—that leaves you excited, sweaty palms, heart racing—or even just something novel and interesting, you tend to attribute those really intense feelings that you’re having to who you’re with—not to what you’re doing.” Which basically means that couples need to always make sure they are sharing exciting experiences together if they want to continue being passionate about one another.

To Cut A Long Story Short

There is no guarantee that a relationship that starts one way can end up another, but sometimes it is worth making an effort to turn a fling into a relationship if it’s what you really want. You never know – something that started off as a most casual thing can develop into a lifelong, deep and meaningful relationship.

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