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Top Reasons Why Women Don’t Want To Get Married

Based on a statistical study published on Pew Research, the number of Americans that are unpartnered has grown from 39% in 2007 to 42% in 2017. Furthermore, the same research revealed that men are less likely to live without a spouse or partner than women. Could there be a specific reason why women are choosing not to get married?

A Lot Of Women No Longer Want To Get Married And Here’s Why

We searched the internet for common reasons why most women are choosing not to get married. Here are some of the interesting answers that we came across:

1. Marriage Is An Antiquated Concept

It’s no secret that some of the concepts that come with marriage are seen as negative. For example, women are expected to take care of the house rather than work. Although not all of the concepts are applied in every marriage, some women still feel that they might get trapped into a primitive gender role that they never wanted to assume.

2. Too Expensive

The second most common reason why women don’t get married is because of financial limitations. There are those who don’t really want a grand wedding, a simple one will do, but most women see their wedding day as the start of their new life. So, it’s a milestone that needs to be celebrated in the most perfect way possible.

3. Fear Of Divorce

Women who have witnessed their friends or family members going through a messy divorce tend to have a fear of marriage. Because they saw all the misery and drama involved in the process, they don’t even want to increase the likelihood of themselves going through the same situation.

4. It’s Too Much Effort

Marriage needs work, and most women are just not willing to make the effort to do so. We have to admit that it is easier when you live by yourself and take care of yourself.

So these are the top reasons why women usually avoid marriage. When you encounter someone who could be the non-marrying type, it’s best that you talk about the situation so that you can figure out how to move forward, whatever her reason is. For more tips on dating and relationships, check out the rest of our blog.

Here’s Why Halloween Is The Best Time To Find A Date

It’s the time of the year to dress like whoever we want. We can be a vampire, we can be a zombie, or even a member of the royal family. It’s always fun during Halloween because of all the parties and events. But aside from the events and parties, did you know that it’s actually one of the best times of the year to find a date?

It May Be Easier For You To Find A Date During Halloween

Back in the early twentieth century, did you know that Halloween was celebrated with lesser emphasis on spooky houses and scary monster costumes? Believe it or not, it’s emphasis was more on courtship.

It was an event where the opportunity for love spread in the air. The celebration included invitations, decorations, and maintaining social relationships. While the men were in a prank-ish mood, the ladies were more concerned with merry-making.

The men would attend parties put together by the ladies and then play games that potentially revealed romance.

Fast Forward To Today

Now, the scene may have changed but the merry-making spirit still remains. Halloween is proving to still be one of the best times in the year to find a date, and here’s why:

1. It’s A Good Ice Breaker

Questions similar to: “What or who are you supposed to be?” will be very common. This will be your in. You don’t have to think about what type of conversation you’re going to go with because it’s Halloween.

If the costume isn’t the focus, you can always find a date by striking up a conversation about how Halloween is celebrated. For example, if you’re chatting with a woman from Europe, you can ask what it’s like when it’s Halloween in their town.

2. The Allure Of The Mask

Who doesn’t want a little bit of mystery when finding a date? Whenever we wear costumes, sometimes, it’s much easier for us to approach someone at parties. Grab the chance to do so while your costume still gives you the allure of mystery.

3. Social Events Both Online And Offline

You don’t have to look far and wide for ladies who might be interested in you because Halloween is still a time for social events. Of course you don’t choose to meet women at social events where kids are around. However, there are plenty of parties for grown-ups that you can join, both offline and online.

While the air is still crisp with the essence of Halloween, try your luck at love. You might just be surprised by how many women are willing to converse with you. For more dating tips, check out the rest of our blog.

Get Over A Heartbreak Using The Domino Technique

To get over a heartbreak is not always easy.  Sometimes it’s really challenging for most of us. If the wound is fresh, we’re going to need time to heal and rest. The time it will take for us to do so varies. Some can do it in a span of one week, but there are those who reach up to a year (or more) to heal. Is there any way to get over a heartbreak faster?

The Domino Technique Will Help You Get Over A Heartbreak Quicker

There may just be a way for you to quicken the process of healing. Start using the domino technique. It’s a technique that makes you do a series of actions, small ones, that lead you to accomplish more smaller actions.

It’s called the domino technique because the concept is much like pushing one standing domino, knocking over the other dominoes in front of it. It can also be linked to a ripple effect or a butterfly effect – one small action triggers others.

The explanation behind how the effect works is simple and it’s even practiced in the military. The first thing that superiors will check in the morning, during training, is if the bed of a soldier is perfectly made up. This small task has to be done to condition the mind. When a soldier checks this task off, he or she would have earned the first victory of the day. Most likely, the soldier will be encouraged to work more for accomplish more victories.

How To Start Your Process

The idea is to start with the small accomplishment to get you motivated to do another. What you can do is list down three things you have to do every morning. It has to include a form of minimal exercise. For example:

  • Make the bed
  • Cook and eat a healthy breakfast
  • Do 10 push-ups

Of course, you don’t have to follow the list above. As long as you get the idea of what the domino technique is about, you can put anything on your list. Just make sure that it includes an exercise that you can do with ease. This should be included so that your mind is conditioned to a form of discipline.

This entire process can help you get over a heartbreak quicker because it allows you to focus on yourself and on minor tasks that could produce bigger victories. It conditions your mind to deal with the pain or sadness in a healthier way. You become more productive and you will feel like you’re slowly gaining back control over your life.

For more tips about love, life and relationships, check out other articles on our blog.