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Your Heart Has Been Broken, Should You Consider A Rebound Relationship?

Most often, breakups are messy. They leave you with so much pain, and they hinder you from thinking logically. You don’t know what to do next, feeling like you’re simply stuck in that moment of sadness and grief. Is it possible for one to heal faster? The answer is yes, and you can do it through a rebound relationship.

A Rebound Relationship Can Make You Feel Like Yourself Again

Logically, one might think that rebound relationships are a bad idea because you’d have to allow a certain amount of time for your heart to heal. However, science seems to disagree.

Research conducted by Brumbaugh & Fraley points out that engaging in a rebound relationship can have more benefits than we think. In their study, they found that people who engage in new relationships after a breakup are more confident about their desirability. In addition, the rebound relationship they engaged in helped them come to terms with the breakup with their former partner. read more

Adult Love Should Look Like This, It’s Time You Embrace It

We all know what puppy love is. It’s a kind of love that’s intense and wonderful, but there’s a very shallow romantic attachment to it. Commonly, we associate this kind of love with the younger generation. Despite its intensity, we should all remember that this is not the kind of love that stays. It’s the adult love that we should be hoping to have at a later point in our life when we are ready to settle down.

Why Adult Love Should Be First Of Our Goals

Puppy love comes from our toddler brain which matures when we reach three years old. We fall in love through the use of this part of our minds. On the other hand, adult love comes from the prefrontal cortex or our adult brain. This is the part of our minds we use to stay in love. read more

Irresistible Men Have These Characteristics

Most men are already aware of what women want in a physical sense. For example, chiseled abs, a well-defined chin, and great looking hair (or maybe a dad bod). However, if you want to be a complete package, you have to look beyond physical aspects that make irresistible men alluring to all women.

Non-Physical Traits Irresistible Men Possess

The truth is, being handsome and having a good physique are just plus points. They can easily be overlooked when the man isn’t confident and assertive. So, instead of feeling down on yourself because you don’t have that summer-ready body, you could work on the following instead:

1. Don’t Say No

What shouldn’t you say no to? Adventures, of course. Irresistible men are always game for new experiences. Whether your date is asking to go to a class together, or a short road trip to somewhere, say yes. read more

Social Media Rules New Modern Couples Need To Follow

We are currently living in a world saturated with the use of social media. Whether we want to admit it or not, this additional aspect of our lives has made things more complicated, not just in our friendships and professional connections but also, in our love lives. Are there social media rules that we need to follow as couples?

Essential Social Media Rules In Relationships

For old couples (couples who have been together for years), the social media rules may have already been established even if there was no formal talk about it. However, for the new ones, they have to be aware of their social media activity so as not to disrupt the continuity of the budding relationship: read more