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Most couples fight. Disagreements are something that is inevitable when you are in a relationship. When circumstances like this arise, it’s important to handle things in a mature and healthy way. This is the problem, however. Most of us don’t even know if we are handling things in a way that makes the relationship grow. What, exactly, does a mature relationship look like? will show you the difference. Mature Love VS Immature Love

Let’s admit the fact that we don’t often take the high road when we are fighting with our significant other. This could be one sign that our relationship isn’t mature enough, but, on the other hand, it could just be a normal part of a healthy union. To help you identify the difference, here’s a short list of signs:

Mature Love Is Relaxed

Relaxed, here, means that the relationship doesn’t feel like it’s consuming you or your partner. If you don’t feel like you have to check up on your significant other every five or ten minutes, then it could be that your relationship is mature. There shouldn’t be any pressure felt. If there is, it should be handled with a calm discussion.

Mature Love Is Thankful

It’s not every day that you find someone who loves you for who you are. This is what mature love does – it makes couples feel thankful that they have met each other. This results in thinking about the future. Immature love is the opposite. It’s taking the other person for granted, not putting importance on their presence.

Mature Love Is Accepting

There’s always a chance that we misunderstand changing and changing for the better. Mature love sees you for who you are. It wants to change your bad habits because it knows that you are better. Immature love, however, makes you (or forces you) to be a person you are not.

Mature Love Is Fulfilling

Do you feel satisfied with your relationship? If your answer is yes, then you are most likely in a mature and healthy union. If it leaves you lonely and longing, you have to rethink the kind of relationship you are in.

Mature Love Is Trusting

There will always be trust issues in every relationship because all of us have gotten hurt at one point in our life. But, when you are in a mature relationship, the trust issue is dealt with and minimized. Immature love keeps on being jealous and suspicious.

From the five signs on this list, how many can you spot in your current relationship? Don’t worry if you do not spot a lot of signs. Consider this list as a checklist of what you need to improve. For more tips on love and relationships, check out more posts on our blog.

Currently You Have The Best Chance To Get Married If You Meet Online

Did you and your spouse or fiancé meet online? Well, you are part of the percentage of couples who got married after meeting through social media and online dating. A new survey has revealed that newlyweds have met through these modern means. This study involved 14,000 couples who were interviewed to find out about their relationships and how they popped the big question.

Meet Online For Romantic Connections

After the participants’ interviews, it was observed that 19% of brides said that they met their spouse through social media or online dating this 2017. Last year, the percentage was only around 14%. The rest of the results showed that 17% of the couples met through friends, 15% met at college, and 12% at work.

The researchers have concluded that more and more people are getting into the online dating wagon because it’s more convenient and it’s now widely accepted. The veil has been lifted and the stigma that once was associated with online dating is now progressively diminishing.

What’s ironic is that although people spend less and less time interacting in the real world (initially), they are spending more and planning more when it comes to tying the knot. The same survey has also observed that soon-to-be-grooms have become very picky about choosing the best engagement ring, as well as cooking up elaborate plans to ask their significant other’s hand in marriage.


Although online dating doesn’t take up a lot of a person’s effort, it’s still an effective way of meeting people. The romance a couple experiences doesn’t fly out of the window despite them meeting online. The misconceptions that we have left about online dating may very well be debunked just from the results of this survey.

This year hasn’t ended yet. There’s still a chance for you to join the online dating community. Of course, joining in won’t guarantee that you will find the love of your life, but based on this survey, it’s likely that you will. For more online dating new as well as tips, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.

Living Apart Together Is A New Thing In Dating, But Should You Do It?

How do you see cohabitation or moving in together? This is something that’s common in relationships that are getting serious because most see it as the next step to commitment. Despite this, cohabitation isn’t always beneficial to the relationship. The more modern arrangement of living apart together might be better for you and your partner.

The Beauty Of Living Apart Together

It’s somewhat ironic to say that cohabitation can be bad for a relationship. How can living together affect a relationship in a damaging way? To most of us, it’s the next logical step before getting married. However, we can’t really deny the fact that most couples can’t handle certain pressures and too many responsibilities. This is why living apart together (LAT) is more common in today’s society.

LAT basically means that a couple is together but they live in different addresses. It’s an arrangement for serious relationships but it is an alternative if the couple isn’t ready or is unsure about being together under one roof. According to a couples therapist, Isiah McKimmie, this arrangement “prevents relationship pressures and expectations while still experiencing intimacy”.

Advantages Of LAT

Experts say that LAT may be better for certain couples because of the freedom it gives. Other advantages of this arrangement are as follows:

  • The couple only needs to think about their individual needs and maintain their independence.
  • Space allows the couple to maintain their individuality.
  • Living apart together can intensify the couple’s longing for each other. This can improve the passion in the relationship.

Cohabitation Isn’t Bad But…

Right now, your relationship might be too premature to consider cohabitation. Living together is not something that’s bad. On the contrary, a lot of couples therapists suggest it before tying the knot since it’s a good way to test the waters. So how do you know that you’re ready to cohabitate?

  • You don’t feel a sense of pressure to move in.
  • You and your partner always seem to survive a major disagreement.
  • Talking about a problem calmly and not ignoring it has become your habit.
  • You have passed your honeymoon phase and are still together happily.

These are just a few signs. The bottom line is that you and your partner need to be mature emotionally, mentally, and financially to move in together.

Whether you want to live apart together or live in together is your choice. Think long and hard about your decision and use this article as a guide. For more tips on handling relationships and dating, check out our blog.