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We all want a relationship that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, most of our relationships don’t exactly go as planned – arguments arise, sometimes, trust is broken, and issues rise in number. When these instances feel like they have become more of a fixture in your relationship, is there still hope? gives it to you bluntly. Reaching The Point Of No Return

Although we have the desire to fix all the issues our relationship might have, our desire is not enough. has compiled a list that will tell you, your relationship has reached the point of no return:

1. Contempt is present.

Have you or your partner felt that the other is deserving of scorn? You blame, you point fingers, you express your dislike for each other freely – this is contempt, and it’s a sign that you need to move forward as single individuals if it is constantly present in your relationship.

2. Arguments are constant.

How many times would you say you fight with your significant other in one week? It is three times, two times, or does arguing feel like  apart of your everyday routine? Constant arguments could be a sign that you are finding fault in each other, deliberately.

3. Infidelity is consistent.

If, either, you or your partner has cheated on each other numerous times, and the habit has not died yet, it’s a definite sign that your relationship is beyond fixing. You or your partner could be looking for something that your current relationship is not giving.

It’s too bad if you spot all three signs in the relationship you’re in right now. suggests that you face the music and you see the relationship for what it is – broken beyond repair. It’s going to be difficult for you to accept, but it’s better to get your heart broken right now than to have your heart broken over and over again.

We hope that this article has helped you realized how toxic your current relationship is. Don;t lose hope though because the right one is still out there. For more dating and relationship tips, don’t forget to head to our blog to check out more of our posts.



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